Happy Birthday to Me!

The twelve year old has now doubled her age because your girl has officially blown out 24 candles on her birthday cake. I'm pretty sure I've entered the years of "this birthday has no real significance but I'm going to party like it's the last one I'll ever have". Because I'm one of those people that thinks birthdays are one of the best things about life. Everyone deserves one day all to themselves and everyone should celebrate the hell out of it because there will come a day when you'll run out of time and you won't get any more.

So I say stuff the cupcake in your face, throw on a pretty dress, drink like a fish, and plan something exciting to do. Because that's exactly what I'm going to accomplish today, except for mine will involve an America themed wine tour. Aka a red white and blue, star spangled hammered shit show in a party bus hopping from winery to winery around the lake. You can already imagine the craziness, I'm sure. So if I don't ever return to this little blog of mine you'll know exactly why. And if you want to join the party then I encourage you to drink right along with me. Cheers bitches, I'm off to get my birthday party on!

But before I go I give you "24 Things I've Learned in my 24 Years of Life":

1// Eat what you want and don't kill yourself over it because eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

2// Say what you need to say even if you're scared as hell because you'll regret it one day if you don't.

3// Buy cheap sunglasses because you'll break the expensive ones.

4// Bring those cheap sunglasses with you for any morning that you're ever hungover. Lifesaver.

5// Beer over liquor. 

6// Water over everything else.

7// Use an eyelash comb immediately after getting out of the shower because tangled lashes are no good.

8// Accept that some people are meant to become a part of your life but aren't mean to stay forever.

9// Liking (and understanding) sports will get you pretty far in the dating scene.

10// If a guy asks if he can buy you a drink, let him. Free drinks are the best drinks.

11// Buy the small popcorn at the movies. You won't eat the extra two lbs even if it only costs an extra fifty cents.

12// Men are just as confusing as women.

13// There's no need to make your bed every day but it feels a whole lot better sliding into a made one.

14// If you're going to love then love with all you've got and hold nothing back.

15// If you find someone that makes your whole world light up then fight like hell to hold on to them.

16// Watch reruns of Friends whenever your need a pick me up.

17// Dress up for and celebrate all of the holidays.

18// Remember that as you grow up your parents and grandparents are growing older too, cherish them.

19// Underwear lines are a no-no. Thong lines are an even bigger no-no. It's okay to go underwear-less.

20// When in doubt choose french fries over onion rings.

21// Walk around your house in your heels before you wear them out. If they hurt like hell then don't wear them.

22// Coming up with lists longer than ten things is pretty damn difficult. Stick to ten people.

23// Life is so unbelievably short; go live it.

24// Everyone should be subjected to playing with a puppy for at least one hour per day. Crime rates would decrease immensely. 

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