Friday Mish Mash

Well I certainly didn't think I'd be showing my face here today after the shenanigans I got into last night. 

You can blame beers one through I'm not sure how many for that. You can also blame the empty stomach I had going into to happy hour. I'm not sure why I haven't learned that lesson by the prime age of 24. Bad things happen when you drink with an empty gut. Like get into arguments with your cab driver about gay marriage. But in my defense, the dude was calling gay people "not normal in the head" so obviously my drunk ass had to speak up. I'm not sure why I haven't learned that lesson by the prime age of 24 either... The conversation went on for about 20 minutes while we were parked outside the bar and my date waited inside. WHOOPS!

I was definitely paying for all of those shenanigans as soon as my eyes opened this morning. I purchased myself a yellow Gatorade faster than you can say drink, drank, drunk. I don't know what kind of ingredients they put in Gatorade but they do miraculous things for your body. It's like unicorn piss. One minute I look like this:

Chug down the entirety of the Gatorade and BAM, the next minute I look like this:

***This is an exaggeration. Please do not try at home, please eat dinner before you venture out to the bar, and please do not get in fights with your cab drivers and keep your dates waiting.***

Or do all of the above and have yourself a grand ol' time like I did. Just have the Gatorade ready to go in your fridge if you choose the latter. Anyway, since I'm coming completely unprepared to this party I decided it'd be a good day for an Instagram recap. So here are some recent (and not so recent) instas for you to feast your eyeballs on. I'm going to go keep nursing myself back to health.

1// Hanging out by the Hudson River with my little man in hoodies because it has been the best weather ever lately.
2// Pink and white and pretty all over.
3// My most favorite picture of baby Aria to date. I mean, does it get any cuter than this?
4// The other (bigger) baby on a trip to the Adirondack's with my parentals.

1// Unlimited crab legs aka the equivalent of unlocking my soul and spreading fairy dust on it. YUM!
2// Oh hello juicy mouth watering summer heaven. I could eat watermelon for days on end.
3// Just a little chicken dinner I cooked up for myself that was so damn good I made it again the next day.
4// Chocolate, peanut butter, banana milk shake with one of my favorite straws of course.

1// An insanely awesome sculpture by the Hudson that I stumbled upon. Rock the Big Apple.
2// An insanely horrifying statue in the same area that I almost cried just from looking at. What in the hell?
3// This would be happy hour on Stone Street down in the Financial District. So much fun.
4// The NYPD cruising around the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge.


Today I have Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos taking over to answer some questions for you all. She has the cutest little family and is basically superwoman in my eyes since she tackles both mommyhood  and bloggyhood like a pro. Take a second and get to know her!

1. What is the first thing you'd grab if your house was burning down? I'm going to assume that my husband and 2 boys are safe.  Because obviously their safety trumps everything else. So the first thing I would grab is my cell phone. I can't live without that thing! It has my whole life in it.  But if I was a super sneaky fire-ass-kicking ninja, I'd also grab my teddy bear that I've had since I was a baby. Sentimental value, and all that jazz. :)

2. If you could take home one animal from the zoo the snuggle with which one would it be? PANDA! Hands down. Always and forever. I mean, does anybody ever go to the DC Zoo to see anything other than pandas? The other animals might as well just get used to being chopped liver. 

3. Your life is a dessert, which one is it? A giant, warm, fudgey brownie sundae with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I just gained 5 lbs writing that! But luckily, I'm allergic to exercise, soo... who cares. :)

4. See more of Mia here - BLOG :: TWITTER :: FACEBOOK - and if you live in Virginia along with Mia go check out the Virginia Blogging Community Facebook Group to hook up with some local bloggers!