Five Things That Inspire My Blog Posts

First of all I'd like to give one hefty shout out to Passionfruit for being one hell of a rockstar yesterday. If you think I'm talking about the fruit then please skip on down to the next topic. If you know I'm not trying to make a fruit salad but have no idea why I'd be talking about the Passionfruit company then I'll fill you in. Passionfruit 2.0 was released yesterday and with it comes a whole kit and caboodle of new exciting features. 

I probably won't use too many of them but I will be sticking around (and paying the $4 monthly fee) because this company knows business and knows how to do it well. Jason (the founder) is some sort of magical mastermind and if I didn't have a slight inclination that he might resemble Oz behind a creepy curtain in his mom's basement eating Spam out of a can, I'd probably want to marry him. The dude knows what he's doing and he's doing it pretty damn well. I mean you can even text him and he'll respond to you. Maybe I should hit on him next time I have a "problem"? As long as there aren't any flying monkeys we'll be golden.

Moving right along...

Today I'm linking up with another human that's unbelievably amazing at life, Miss Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars. If you don't know this lady then you're seriously doing life ALL wrong. She's hilarious, she knows her sports, she teaches me things in her tutorials, she designs blogs, she's the nicest and coolest ever, and she kills it in the Twitterverse. Seriously go follow and/or tweet, hug, sponsor, stalk, or hold hands and skip to the beat with her. You won't regret it. 

Helene in Between

She's co-hosting a linkup with Helene today called "What Inspires Your Blog Posts" and the gist is to write about whatever it is that makes you sit your ass down in front of a keyboard and write. After deliberating and scratching my head a few times, I realized I should probably go take a shower that I have absolutely no idea what inspires me. And if there was actually anything it wouldn't be anything  too serious. 

Thus I give you my list of things that inspires this here blog:

1// Boredom - this is not a joke. There are countless times where I find myself saying "Welp the DVR is magically somehow empty, oh and so is my fridge - no tv and no food? Guess I should write a blog post about something exciting." Bing bang boom, we have ourselves my primary inspiration.

2// My DVR and fridge. I guess I should include them in their own number now that I talked about them. The Real Housewives and The Bachelor are great vices to blabber on and on about. And so are the ingredients in my fridge when I decide to go all Ratatouille and combine them into delicious concoctions like my crunchy Asian chicken salad recipe. Oh so good.

3// Blogging in general. That sounds pretty stupid, I know, but it's true. I've written several posts lately about blog related topics. Blog advice, blog confusion, blog struggles, blog problems, blog besties (how's that for some light reading?) This hobby has gotten to be such a big part of my life that it just wouldn't make sense for me not to talk about it every now and then. Plus it's exciting to see how many of you feel the same exact way that I do about all of it.

4// Alcoholic beverages - you knew it was coming. Does this one really even need explaining? Drink beer, have fun, blog about. Drink wine, think silly things, stick 'em in a blog post and hit publish. Try not to delete said post in the morning. 

5// All of YOU! This is probably my biggest inspiration. After all, other blogs are what made me so excited to start my own in the first place. We're all just one big group of friends pushing each other to be more creative when it comes down to it. So why not harness the crazy creative community we've built together and put it to some good use?

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