Determining the Success of Your Blog

A couple weeks ago I blogged about my one and only blog struggle. It had something to do with not totally loving that I know "real life people" read my blog. They can go ahead and read it all they want, I'd just prefer not to know about it because I find it changes my "voice". But I already blogged about that so let's not get off on that tangent again.

Today I'm going to discuss a new struggle I find with blogging. One that's been jumping around my brain recently trying to force me to actually sit down and think about it for longer than point seven seconds. But this little lady has been jumping around lakes and pools and wineries and bars so I haven't had much time to do such a thing. Speaking of bars, I'm currently sitting here drinking water out of a Miller Lite pint glass. I'm pretty sure someone has come into my living room and replaced my brain with theirs. Something just doesn't feel right. But that's a completely different struggle huh? Back to the blog one...

This one can be asked in one simple question: How do you determine the success of your blog in blogland? 
By the number of page views per post/day/week/month? By the amount of money you make from ads/sponsors/reviews? The number of followers you have sitting pretty in your Bloglovin counter? The number of comments you get on a post? How 'bout just simply the satisfaction you find yourself feeling from being part of this little dot com world?

I've been asking myself this question lately and I'm really not so sure I know my own personal answer to it. We're all of course going to have different answers. And most of us come down from our "blogger highs" and force ourselves to stop thinking about all the numbers for a second and question if we're actually having fun with the hobby that actually started out just as that, a hobby. But sometimes it's hard to dig yourself out of the stat counter hell that traps you in. Sometimes you get so caught up in everything "blogger" that you forget to be an actual blogger and um, blog.

This exact thing happened to me today because blogging was my full time job today. I spent at least, AT LEAST, eight hours on everything blog. This primarily had to do with the fact that I took just about a week off last week, but still, that's a long time to be doing something for a hobby. The clock finally turned to 11:00pm and I sat here and thought, well shit, I just spent an entire day answering emails, designing blogs, situating sponsors, coding, choosing giveaway winners, answering review requests, etc and I didn't write a single blog post. The one thing that should be my main priority...yeah didn't get around to it until close to midnight. And then I realized something might be a little wrong with my current scenario.

Because the one thing I've always determined as my own personal "blog success" are my comments. From day one that was always what I cared about most. But lately it has turned into everything else. The page views and the sponsors booked and the money made. Even with all of it, I still go back to how many comments I receive, though. 

At the end of the day, my primary blogger high is knowing that my readers actually enjoy my posts and give a crap enough to take a minute or two out of their day to tell me so, or to tell me they can relate. That's what means the most to me and that's why I started blogging in the first place. To interact with the world that I fell so in love with by stalking random people all over the country. 

And now I'm struggling to keep myself grounded enough to remember that it's okay if I don't have 15,000 page views a day or even 3,000 a day. Because if I ever become one of those big blogs that sits pretty with a million views a month yet averages ten comments a day I will probably be a pretty sad panda. I love reading each and every single comment I receive (even if I don't respond) and I absolutely check how many I get per post. It's how I judge what you all like and don't like. They're what keep me going and drives my focus around these parts. 

So thank you times as many stars as there are in the sky to all of you who comment. And if you're experiencing somewhat of a similar struggle to mine force yourself to stop for a second and think about what really matters to you. If it's the check in the bank, great. If it's the numbers on your Google Analytics page, perfect. If it's the simple fact that you write even once a week, awesome. Just find your place and hold on tight because this world can take you for a ride before you even realize you left the gate.

P.S. The winners of the Blog Advice Giveaway are: Allie, Sarah, Tami, Allie, and Gayle
Congratulations ladies! I hope you get all the help, advice, critiques and consolations your blogs could ever need. And thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and made it such a smashing success. I'm so proud of that little baby and I'm so glad everyone loved it as much as I did. Happy Humpday everyone, I'm off to do something other than blog stuff all day.
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