Blog On Saturdays I Do Not

Take over other people's blogs on Saturdays, I do.

First off, you can find me playing with Allison over on Okay, Allison! She is such a sweetheart and said way too many nice things about me: 

"Besides being an extraordinary beauty, Erin is also hilarious, witty and of course, packed with style. She is one of my favorite bloggers, for the pure fact that she is brutally honest, and looks damn good while doing it. She is constantly supporting my blog, as well as inspiring me with hers. I am grateful to have her on my sidebar, she makes me feel like one of the cool kids. Love you girl!" 

Aww shucks, I love her right back. Plus I think I was half asleep when I answered the questions she asked me, so that's always fun. Nothing like someone telling you you're on their blog and having no recollection of saying any of the things on it. Bows head in shame. Check the post out here.

Secondly, you can see another Q&A sesh happing over on They too gave me a pretty spectacular introduction: 

"Erin Gray of Two Thirds Hazel has the perfect amount of sarcasm to make you laugh out loud at work as you read her blog at your desk. Her blog has an incredible vibe of honesty, humor and lightheartedness that makes us visit daily. Erin doesn’t take herself too seriously, and you never know what she’ll write about next." 

I mean, how awesome is that?! You can read my answers to their questions here.
And now that I've tooted my horn one too many times in this post I'm going to get out of here. Because it's about time I set up shop on my couch and catch up on all of the television I've missed in the past two weeks. The fact that I'm beyond excited to finally get to sprawl out and do absolutely nothing but cloud my brain with NJ Housewives and Kardashian chaos is rather embarrassing. But lord knows this body of mine needs it. Have yourselves a great weekend!

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