A Melted Heart

There was once a time when I actually remembered to take 100 pictures over the course of a weekend. (Go Erin!) Except for that time was when I was introduced to the cutest puppy in the entire existence of life and 95 out of those 100 pictures were all of said cutest puppy in the world. And that is exactly what you're going to get out of this post today...as well as every post from here on out for the next two weeks. So if you don't like puppies then please walk away and never come back this post isn't going to be your cup of tea. 

But if you can really look at this face and not want to see more of her than I'm assuming you don't like happiness or sparkly unicorns or hugs or Christmas or warm fuzzy feelings either. And in that case I'd just be really upset and confused. But before I bombard your computer screen with the little lady and her plethora of photos I'll give you the other 5% that are of other things. Like the roasting of the mellows. 

Friday night was spent eating and drinking on my parent's dime at a local bar and then hanging out by the fire at my house (drinking more) and roasting s'mores. I have two things to say about this. One: They are marshmellows; not marshmallows. E not an A. Sorry Webster's. Whoever came up with the spelling of this word should be speared on a stick and poked into the fire right along with the mellows. Two: The only way to eat a s'more is with a Reese's peanut butter cup. Hershey's smersheys, plain chocolate is for the birds. The only way my family has ever made s'mores is with Reese's. I grew up and found out that people used plain chocolate bars and was confused beyond belief. Use the peanut butter cup, it'll change your life.

Saturday was spent waiting around for the puppy to get home, playing with the puppy for hours, eating my weight in hibachi which I think I might confirm as my most favorite food ever, and then heading out with a bunch of friends.

Those margaritas that are big enough to take a swim in? Yeah those would be the reason why my Sunday was spent on the couch sleeping my life away to CMT's country countdown. Holy tequila this girl needs to continue to stick to beers. Except for I listen to my own advice as much as Lindsay Lohan listens to her rehab center because I was right back on my game by five o'clock. Something about a pool and a summer cocktail that really fixes your right up.

And now onto the prettiest ball of snuggles you ever did see. Meet baby Aria, Ari for short. 

I've attempted to ration with my brain and say that I won't smuggle her into my suitcase and bring her back to Manhattan with me...but that's a complete lie. And I'm sure this comes as no surprise to you. 

Besides the epic cuteness that is her face, she's also the most relaxed, snuggly and silly puppy ever. She flops around and waddles instead of walks. She rolls down the hill on accident and can't really stop herself. She falls asleep just about anywhere and everywhere. She eats watermelon like it's going out of style. She's already started doggy paddling in the pool. She has a belly bigger than a Buddha. She likes to crawl her butt under every single bush outside. And she's stolen my heart faster than it takes me to scream "NOOO!" when the hibachi dude tries to squirt the saki in my mouth at dinner. 

She's perfection in a nutshell and she's only made my puppy fever even worse that it already is. I didn't think it was possible either...

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