A Bender of a Recap: Birthday and 4th of July

Oh hey blog, I kind of forget how to do anything related to you after the little break I took last week. I honestly can't say I've missed you too much because I've been insanely busy doing everything but anything to do with the online/television/social media world. Emails? Barely checked them. Twitter? Days and days behind. Facebook? I forget what it is. TV? I've watched one single show. Blogger? Boycotted is an understatement. 

And guess what...I couldn't be happier about it. Last week was one of the most fun weeks I've had in quite some time. I always talk about how I could never move back home because it's just so small and boring, but not in the summer. And definitely not during my birthday slash Fourth of July week. I've been going non-stop since my feet hit the ground last last Friday afternoon. My liver has also been going non-stop since then too. I'm not exactly sure how my body hasn't just completely given up on me at this point. Oh that's right, because I'm a champ at this bender thing ever since I met my bloggy besty.  

But let's get to the recap because my fingers are a little confused as to why they're typing on a keyboard and not rubbing in sunscreen and leading me to the pool. You're going to have to bare with me and use your imagination a little though, because along with taking a vacation from everything listed above, I've also seemed to have forgotten how to take pictures. Something about my hands being preoccupied with beers instead of a camera...

WEDNESDAY: Aka My Birthday
The majority of the day was spent on a party bus wine touring around the Finger Lakes with a bunch of friends. I made it a 'Merica themed event and told everyone they weren't allowed to come unless they were wearing red, white, and blue. And it worked because all fifteen of us were decked out in everything USA. My dress kind of looks black and red but I promise you to peaches that it's navy. 

Obviously my cupcakes needed to be color coordinated as well. That or red velvet is just about the only kind of cake I actually like and I forced it to fit the theme. Whichever works. My besty Heather also knows me well enough to know that cake isn't my favorite thing ever so she made me a watermelon one! Umm, amazing. The girl basically carved out the middle of the watermelon, frosted it with cool whip, decorated in with blueberries, and stuck some sparklers (my favorites) into the top. Oh and there was a "2" and a "4" on there too but I'm 12 so I think she got a little confused.

And that's about all the pictures I captured of the wine tour. I told you I was bad. But I was a little busy forgetting my ID at home and having my dad bring it to me, drinking wine slushies like it was my job, stealing extra cubes of cheese, and jamming out in the limo. 

THURSDAY: 4th of July
The day my body almost shut down and decided to never let me feel normal again. Because your girl continued to drink after the wine tour when we got back to my house to BBQ and then continued to drink again downtown at the bar after that. Life was a little rough until I forced some fruit and a beer into my system. Nothing like getting yourself back in the game like another drink. It's crushed glass going down but it makes you feel brand new again once you've accomplished it.

The darling baby also came along to our parties decked out in a red bandana and flag bow. I think she had me beat in the Independence Day attire because all I wore was a PBR tee and a blue skirt. Lame Erin, real lame. But the blue and white ombre skirt and red star scarf I had planned was just a little too much for my hungover heart to handle so redneck I went with it.

By the end of the night the little lady and I teamed up again and ended up passed out after a night of bonfiring and beers. Except for I was the one drinking them and she was the one pushing them around our deck and barking when they rolled back to her. 

FRIDAY: Lake Day
It was hotter than ball sack outside on this day so what's there to do when the thermometer strikes above 95? You get your ass on a boat and sit on the lake all day long. And that's exactly what I did. Miller Lites and BBQ Pringles were involved. I know you're shocked at this by now. Should I just stop blogging all together and assume you know what my life is involving? I feel like this would be more beneficial to both your time and mine at this point.

Saturday was spent at a lake party and Sunday was spent at the pool. I have no pictures of either so just picture me in a bikini on a water trampoline on the lake playing beer pong and then me in a bikini in a pool with a Miami Vice in hand and you'll basically get the majority of my weekend in one little nutshell.

I'm on vacation once again this week so I'm hoping to maybe relax (and blog) more and drink less because I have quite a bit to catch up on around these parts. Like the winners of the Blog Advice giveaway - they're coming I promise. And some more blog designs - also coming slowly but surely. But in the mean time I'll leave you with a couple more pictures of the little ball of fur that has rolled into my heart. Have a great week everyone!

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