While Erin's Away...

You guys. I'm in Orlando. In Whitney's apartment. In her bed that is as big as my entire NYC apartment. I'm never going to leave. Like ever. Okay now that we got that out of the way I need to introduce you to who's taking over this joint since I'm too busy frolicking around to be tapping away at my laptop.

Her name is Beth and her blog has blown up faster than my belly did last night at the hibachi restaurant. I'm talking like almost 700 followers in less than three months. Basically, she's a big deal. But even though she's a rockstar she still decided to write about me (and Whitty) today instead of herseld. Just another reason why I love her. Take it away lady cakes!


Hi peanuts! Beth here, filling in for Miss Erin while she frolics around Florida with Pretty Whitty. I blog over at Hang On, Honey, and sometimes I write cool stuff.

If you don't know who Erin or Whitney are you should probably go back and stalk read some of their blog archives and get familiar with the greatest blog romance to hit Blogland in years. If they ever break up even I might cry. 

So somewhere in Florida, this is probably happening: 

Since Erin made it to the sunshine state at the very tail end of #backthatazzup Friday, there was probably a little bit of this:

But not before there was a LOT of this:

And probably a smidge of this (Fireball, of course): 

Now that they officially know there isn't a bit of catfishing going on, our little heroines probably spent the weekend eating all of Florida's bagel bites supply.

Finally just saying "yes" when people ask if they're sisters daily:

Doing lots of this: 

And having a few "not blog appropriate" moments.

In a few days, they may start doing this (and it might last a few weeks): 

But until then, you know they'll be doing this:


And then Beth wins all the awards in the world for knowing us so well. We've done just about every single one of these gifs so far and we still have two days left. And now I'm going to look like the LC one, great. But for now I'm going to go grab my leftover hibachi out of the fridge, pound some Brita, and get my ass to HARRY POTTER LAND! I'm so happy I could pee. 

But it's time for you to go make your way over to the land of all things Beth because you just realized how awesome she is. Right? Right. Have a happy Monday suckers, today is still my Friday.

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