Welcome To Summer

It's here, it's here, summer is officially here! It's the season of my birth, (which is now twelve days away so get your presents ready) (I'd like a puppy) (duh). It's the season of eating so much watermelon you feel as if you're pregnant with one, the season of staying out too late and sleeping in too long, attending beer BBQ's like you'll die if you don't, buying enough sundresses to clothe a third world country, getting sand stuck in places you'd rather not have anything stuck in (well that's not completely true), sipping on fruity cocktails with your ass on a pool noodle, and not needing makeup because your skin is the happiest when bronzed. 

It's one of the best seasons out there. I say "one of the best" because fall has a bigger piece of my heart than babies in rain boots do. But that's a couple months down the calendar and I'm not one to wish the time away so let's get back to summer. I plan on living this one out like I've never felt a ray of sweet sunshine touch my skin ever in life. Usually this season is reserved for flying by the seat of your pants bikini but for the sake of not ending this blog post right here and now I've created a too do list. Because that's what I'v been doing best lately. Lists.

1. Host a themed party. Currently I am ALL about having a Beer BBQ Birthday Bash. Since my birthday is July 3rd and that other semi important national holiday is July 4th, I want to combine them and have a "Happy Birthday Erin / Happy Birthday America" party. And you're only allowed to come if you're decked out in red, white and blue and say 'Merica at the door.

2. Eat an unlimited crab leg dinner. I think my mouth just watered from typing out that sentence. There's just something about having to work at getting to eat your food that satisfies me. Having to work at getting anything is pretty satisfying actually. But when we're talking about food and when you drown all of that food in a cup of melted butter? Oh hell, it's over right then and there. Plus the word "unlimited" in any sentence involving food is usually a sure fine way to get yourself right on into my heart.

3. Kick it up to Boston. This one is hard to choke out for a New Yorker, trust me. But my little broski lives there and I've never been so it's about time I check it out and hit up a Red Sox/Yanks game where that fugly Green Monster lives. I'd still rather slap myself across the face than ever support Boston athletic teams, though, so don't get anything twisted. I <3 NY.

4. Wine tour around the Finger Lakes. I did this last year for my birthday and I wouldn't be opposed to doing it again. Of course renting a limo to chauffeur you and your wine drunk friends around from place to place is always good idea. So is wearing a tiny little summer dress and rolling around the floor of the winery kissing a stranger's dog. I haven't done that or anything, don't you worry.

5. Get my bikini body up and running for business. That sounds a little "Pretty Woman" but you get the point. I've been working on my fitness at the gym burning all the cals I intake from beer and guacamole, so I'm well on my way. Now all I need is for the gym hunk that constantly eye flirts with me to grow some balls and actually flirt with me. One step at a time kids, one step at a time. At least he's good to look at when I don't have any more episodes of Dance Moms to watch on my iPhone while on the elliptical. 

6. Rock out with my you know what out to some good jams. I almost forgot that it was Friday until I took my daily trip to Whitney's blog and realized she was backing her azz up. As always. I tweeted about this yesterday but I am utterly obsessed with Avicii and his new song "Wake Me Up". Like when I try to think about typing something to explain my love for it, this is all that comes out: aoatijtoaiwelkmdvap;oejroiajet. So what I'm basically trying to say is just go listen to it. Now. And love on it. And then do it some more. Because that's all I've been doing for the past 48 hours.

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