The Skinny on Being Skinny

Today I have Kristyn over here on these blogparts and she blogs at a little place called Chits & Giggles.
Yes I did have to google the word "chits" when I started following her blog. Yes I am an idiot. And yes I do just bypass the word and say "Shits & Giggles" in my head every time I click on her page. Sorry about that Kristyn. Anyway, she has what I like to call "lady balls".

Shits and balls. This is going real well.

But it's true and you'll see what I mean when she takes it away with her post today. If you follow her you might have already read it because she posted it on her own blog a little while ago but I thought it was just too damn good not to post again. (And I'd also rather be downing Millers in Whitney's pool than coming up with anything on my own today) So here you are: a kick ass post from a kick ass lady.


I want to get real today. Like really real. Like I might be posting myself in a bikini real. Can't get much more raw than that. So, I was reading an article online about Jennie Runk. Don't know who she is? She's the plus size model gracing the H&M website in a bikini. As I was reading the article, it really hit home for me.

She describes: "“nightmare” gym classes filled with girls wearing cute shorts while she stuck out in bulky sweatpants as a self-described clumsy girl with thick, curly hair, braces, and glasses. She also spoke to that awkward period in every girl’s life when bodies start to develop differently, yet pressure mounts to achieve one body type. “This is an impossible goal to achieve and I wish I had known that when I was 13. At 5ft, 9in and a US size eight (usually either a UK 10 or 12), I envied the girls whose boyfriends could pick them up and carry them on their shoulders.”"

I totally feel that way too! I was a size 6 in high school. I will never be able to get int a 6 again. My goal is to fit into size 8's consistently. I am currently a size 10. And I love Jennie because we are the same height.  So, I totally understand what she is describing above. I am still jealous of the ladies who can have their men pick them up (especially in wedding pictures). I can't have that unless I want to break Jeremy's back --I don't.  
I weigh more than he does. Yep. And I probably always will. 

So, why did this hit home for me so much? Because I think a lot of other women struggle with her insecurities. I know I have. Society has made it acceptable that ALL women should be a size 4. I'm sorry...but if I were a size 4 I would look anorexic. And I might have to be to get to that size. It's just not going to happen for me. Even a size 6 is a stretch. It would be nice to be able to say, "Hey! I fit into such and such that was a size 6", but other than thank you.
Disclaimer: The link about a size 6 is for the brown Anthropologie skirt I am wearing. It is a size 6.  I think it might be sized wrong because I can't fit into anything else that is a size 6. I promise.

This girl shows so much wisdom trying to help girls realize their own confidence and potential without being super stick skinny. Not everyone can be like that and it is about time that we stop forcing it down girls throats. AmIright? 

Here is more from her article: 
“Some even told me that my confidence has inspired them to try on a bikini for the first time in years. This is exactly the kind of thing I've always wanted to accomplish, showing women that it's OK to be confident even if you're not the popular notion of 'perfect,'" and that having survived her childhood she feels “compelled to show girls who are going through the same thing that it's acceptable to be different. You will grow out of this awkwardness fabulously. Just focus on being the best possible version of yourself and quit worrying about your thighs, there's nothing wrong with them.”

Now, I have been in a bikini when I was bigger, but I didn't feel good about myself by any means.  I bought a one piece at Target just so I didn't have to see my hips.  It's all perception and how you see yourself.

Yes, I am on a weight loss journey and not because of her article, but I will always feel bigger than most girls. Regardless of how many people tell me how great you look, if you don't feel beautiful inside yourself, you don't believe them. I struggle with this so so much!

And because I promised some bikini shots above, here you go.
These aren't going to be pretty by any means, and I have a lot of work to do, but I feel like this post is so raw and real.  How much more raw or real can you get than being in a bikini on the Internet?  I mean...come on!

Do you like my awesome farmer's tan?  Might as well just admit that it's there.  Ha!

Please don't judge too harshly.  I can't believe I am posting these on the internet.

So there you have it folks. What do you think about Jennie's stance? I love it!  

We all need to remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Remember that and you can remind yourself that you are worth it. Remember that and we can slowly change the world!


See what I mean about having some girly balls? She rocked it out. Putting bikini pictures up anywhere (especially when you're not feeling your most fit) is about as scary as checking the shower curtain for axe murderers in the middle of the night when you have to pee. So I give her a lot of props for posting these! No matter what size is written on the back of our jeans we should all be in the same boat about not letting the media pressure us to look a certain way. It's exhausting if you're a 12 and it's exhausting if you're a 2. We all feel it no matter what we look like and Kristyn is so right in trying to show everyone that it's okay to be comfortable in your skin no matter what.

If you want to read more from Kristyn (and you definitely do) then head on over to her blog here. I'm off to go frolic around Orlando some more with my Whitney pants head. Have a great Tuesday ladies!

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