Love and Loathe

1// This itty baby gold glittered unicorn. Isn't it just the cutest thing ever? I mean, who am I kidding... every single thing on this entire website is the cutest thing ever. I'm pretty sure I found my newest entertainment for the next several weeks. If you need me I'll be going through the archives over there.

2// Cozy outdoor spaces. Since I live in Manhattan, outdoor space is pretty hard to come by. Hell, even balcony space is hard to come by when you're paying the price of your first born kid per square foot. But that's why we have to make the most of each and every one of those feet and what better way than to pile on the pillows, plants and comfy blankets like in this space.

3// Adorable little baby fashionistas. Especially this one who is on point for our next holiday. Is it wrong that I want to steal a four year old's outfit to wear on the Fourth of July? If it is then I don't want to be right because little lady is so cute I want to squish her.

4// Fresh flowers wrapped up in pretty paper. And the little "HELLO" tag attached to it? Oh my goodness me, I think I want to blow up this gorgeous shot and frame it next to my doorway to welcome guests. 

5// Pink and grey and white all over. Because this little living room just screams my name. They're three of my favorite colors (I mean my last blog name before TTH was "Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink") so if I could just lay right down on that couch and disappear for awhile that'd be just fabulous.

6// Bar carts. Gimme alllll da bar carts! Especially the bronzed ones with the cutest polka dotted and striped accessories. It'd be great if I could get one fully stocked with Moons and bottles of Relax Riesling as well. Thanks.

1// Realizing your milk is sour after you pour. But really, is there anything worse at all in the whole wide world than when you're so excited to munch down on your Honey Nut Cheerios only to take your first bite and spit it halfway across the kitchen because it tastes like a cat died in it? No. There's not.

2// Getting rocks stuck in your sandals. I'm not sure if it's just the way I walk or the ridiculous amount of construction going on or what but holy heck, I can't walk two feet without a damn pebble getting all up under my tootsies. And then I look like a fool waddling and shaking my way down the street trying to get it out. Because obviously bending down to remove it with my fingers is too much work.

3// The iPhone 5 charger debacle. I'm really getting sick and tired of having to carry around my iPhone charger at all times in case my phone dies. Everyone just needs to get on board and buy the 5 already so that I can use their chargers and not get sad every time you say you have one I can borrow only to realize it's a 4 and that shit don't fit.

4// Apple being a big pain in my asshole. So I bought a MacBook Air a couple months ago and guess what Apple just released a new version of? The MacBook Air. It'd be really great if we could get an update on these things so that I don't have to shield my eyes from all the new Air ads in fear that I'd actually punch a small child for having the older version.

5// The fact that my skin is peeling like whoa. It's not a joke that I look like Michael Jackson in his transformation stage right now. The Florida sun did me real dirty and gave me some killer tan lines but now I just feel like a boa constrictor trying to shed his skin. PUKE! It's most certainly not a good look. Good thing I'm single.

6// Tactlessness. Here's the thing: you can have whatever opinion you want in your head but as soon as you decide to go and share that opinion with the world you better do it in a classy and tactful way. Everyone has a story to tell but it's how you tell that story that will get you somewhere. 

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