Four For Friday

Well hello there blog, nice to see ya today. Hey blog, I kind of ditched you for a nap this apologies. Some idiot named me decided to go out in the monsoon that was Manhattan last night. Yes I do know that my liver is still recuperating from my Floridian adventures but listen, I didn't voluntarily choose to go out. I had friends in town. One being my sister pants (who isn't really my sister pants) who is visiting from Indiana this weekend. The other is my guy friend from home aka my high school prom date. Aww.

So you see? I had to go out. Can't miss out on all of that fun. My FOMO would have kicked in hardcore. I got my ass ready in record timing after work and for that I give all the credit to my bronzed skin. And Instagram filters.

Isn't it wonderful not having to wear much makeup when you're tan? Yes, yes it is. I then threw on my Hunter boots, grabbed an umbrella (and a cheese stick for the trip there) and hopped my butt in a cab down to the Village to see a band from my hometown play. Then I had myself a good. damn. time. So much of a good time that I crowned myself the captain of the struggle bus this morning. And the reason for all that? Well this was the entirety of my dinner...

Whitney stole my blog post idea today. The connection between us is so creepy that I'm about to stop telling her when she does something that I was about to do in fear of her thinking I'm just making shit up. It's actually getting scary at this point. My life is her life. Her life is my life. We're the best two friends that anyone could have. Yada yada you get the point by now.

She also stole my gosh darn #backthatazzup song for today too. Bitches. I even already had the Grooveshark html in a drafted post. And at this point I'm too in need of my second nap to come up with another one so looks like you're getting the same one. But in my defense I did tweet about the song yesterday so that's some sort of proof that I didn't just steal it from her.

And this is the random most tidbit of information you will ever see grace this place...but here it is: I cannot stand stop and go drivers. There I said it. Now you see the randomness. But that should basically be the name of this damn blog so just go with it will ya? What is a "stop and go" driver you ask? Well my friends, it's one that literally stops...and goes...constantly. Like when you're driving down the road in traffic in the backseat of a cab and the cabby is just pushing on that brake pedal like it's his job. (This is where you say "But it is his job Erin") (And I say "Stop being so literal you smarty pants you) But in all seriousness, there is absolutely NO reason for that nonsense. I get way too nauseous for that noise. Figure out a smooth flowing pace and stick to it. Or I'll puke on you. Take your pick. 

So the lovely miss Nicole from Treasure Tromp just had her very first blogiversary and to celebrate I teamed up with a bunch of ladies to give away thirteen ad spaces, $95 in gift cards, and another $60+ in additional prizes.

And since Nicole is all about spreading the love, there will be two winners. One lucky person will win the grand prize (all the amazing prizes from all these lovely ladies) and another one of you will win the prizes from Nicole ($25 to Sephora and one month of ad space). Sounds like a good deal right? Right. So eat your heart out and go enter.

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