First Ever Blog Design and a Weekend Preview

Well yesterday was the second monumental day of the week for me. Girlfriend created and installed her first ever blog design for her first ever blog design client. And can you even believe that I didn't run into a single problem throughout the entire thing? Yeah, I can't either. I predicted mass hysterics filled with big, fat, salty tears and thousands of questions as to why I thought this little design business was ever a good idea to begin with. But none of that happened and instead I got to create something for a blog centered around a puppy. A puppy! It was definitely meant to be.

My first client was JJ at Dexter Morgan's Mama and she wanted something blue and orange that was simple and had paw prints. A couple minutes of brainstorming, a few no-bake energy bites, and an entire carton (or two) of strawberries later...we had ourselves a nifty new blog design. Check out the FULL DESIGN.

I'm so happy that she absolutely loved it and I'm even happier that she was so easy to work with throughout the entire process. I can only hope that every design goes as smoothly and peacefully as this one. A girl can dream right? I have quite a bunch waiting for me to get to after I get back from my trip so we shall see. I'm so glad that I took the leap and decided to start this little adventure! Oh and I gots myself a new little blog design stamp. I feel as official as a whistle over here.

But now it's time for me to go pace around for the rest of the day and pee my pants a few thousand times in anticipation of my flight to Florida to go see Whitney to-flippin-night. Like as in I will be there by ten pm this evening. And I will probably already be drunk by nine pm because I'm just too-flippin-excited that I can't stand it. 

And since I can't really do anything other than be excited today, I figured I'd have someone else come speak a few words to you. No, this is not a guest post. Well it is but it's not your usual old thing. This one will be brought to you by a Brita pitcher. Aka Whitney's Brita pitcher. Aka the one that we will be spending a majority of our late nights/early mornings with for the next five days. So without any further adieu (and without any seriousness at all) I give to you...

One// Yo bitties, (apparently Brita is a gangster) (I blame Whitney's #backthatazzup linkup) how many times are you going to have to fill me up this morning. Getting a little exhausted over here.

Two// Did Erin really go to sleep without pants on again? I mean this isn't even her apartment.

Three// There's Bagel Bite remnants in my filter, guys. Get this shit outta here.

Four// It really isn't necessary to continue to put me back in the fridge each time. Seriously just stick me on the bed right next to you. It'll save you some time.

Five// It's 7:00am, I'm empty, you're about to wake up driving the struggle bus. Y'all are in deep shit. 

Six// So who is this Fireball character you speak of anyway? I think I'd like to thank her for giving me consistent work.

Seven// Oh hell no, if I hear Wagon Wheel one more god damn time I quit. 

Eight// Do you guys, like, actually love each other? Like the Ellen Degeneres kind of love each other?

Nine// Umm Whitney, grab Ella and Seb quick because I think...umm....yep she definitely is...ERIN'S STEALING YOUR DOGS!!!

Ten// You guys are actually crying about leaving each other and it's only the second day. I'm going to go puke now. But hey, at least I'll beat you to it.

Alright peace out home slices, I'm off to go restock my filters before the madness ensues tonight. I promise to keep Erin hydrated for you until she arrives back home safe and sound next Wednesday. P.S. Say no to Gatorade. 

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