Fifth & Mae and My New Blog Design Website!

I have fallen in love with this wishbone necklace. And this chambray vest and this blue and white maxi but that's for another day. This necklace, though. So simple, understated, dainty and sweet. Four words I love my jewelry to emulate. That is unless you're a statement necklace and then you better be bigger and bolder than is ever necessary. That's what she said. But with pendant necklaces I'm all about them being little so that you can wear 'em with just about anything and everything and still have them match. Spice it up with a flowy dress or play it down with yoga pants - either way you'll be as golden as the necklace itself.

So where is this pretty little baby from and how many dolla dolla bills is it going to cost you to get one of your own? Well let me tell you. It's from Fifth & Mae, owned and operated by Michelle who is the sweetest and most loveliest shop owner I've met to date. She blogs over at Binge There Done That and she's been putting together one hell of a jewelry (and now clothing!) site. 

Seriously the jewelry is adorable. There's a combination of both simple and statement necklaces as well as rings, bracelets, and earrings. Bows, anchors, ampersands, states, arrow, hearts - they're all there. I feel like a Lucky Charms commercial over here. But the only other thing better than how freaking adorable everything is? THE PRICES. I saw the pieces on another blogger's site and went crazy over how cute everything was. So I decided to humor myself and click on the link thinking I'd see a $35 price tag for one measly necklace but boy was I shocked when I got there. Every single item is under twenty dollars. Most of them all ranging from $4 and $10. Just take a look at some of the pieces for yourself:

I mean if that's not amazing then I'm not sure what is. You could get yourself an entire week's worth of jewels for under thirty bucks. Can you get anything else for a week that cheap? Nope. Just ask the wine store across the street from me. Oh and you'll also receive the best customer service out there from Michelle, so you really can't go wrong here. It gets even better though, she's offering to give away a $25 gift card to her shop. So that week's worth of accessories could be all yours if you enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. But now that we've seen a shiny new jewelry site, let's segue over to a shiny new blog design site. Who's shiny new blog design site? Myyy shiny new blog design site. 

That's right, I now officially have a website for all things blog design!

Gah! This is what you do all weekend when your skin is just now starting to recover from the Florida burn it experienced two weeks ago and you can't go play in the sun with everyone else. You design a blog for someone, and then design another for someone else, and then when you still haven't had enough you keep on going and make yourself your own. So, what are you waiting for? Come check it out over HERE! But not before you enter to win the Fifth & Mae jewels and have everyone ooh and ahh at you all day long. Because trust me...they will.

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