Your Questions Answered

Last night I had zero ideas on what I was going to blog about today. So like any savvy social media user addict I turned to Twitter to force everyone to ask me random questions so that I could answer them here. And that is exactly what you're getting today, enjoy - things get a little random.

Paige: Favorite beverage? Favorite holiday? Best birthday experience?
Water if we're sober. Beer if we're drunk. Yellow Gatorade if we're hungover. CHRISTMAS is my most favorite holiday ever! And every birthday is the the best experience. I live them out for as long as I possibly can. (This was a cop out answer) (deal with it).

Tori: Would you date yourself?
Oooh good question Tori! You see, I'd like to think so. I think I'm a pretty good mix of girly princess and "sit me at the sports bar with a beer and I'll be happy" type of girl. But I'm also stubborn as all hell and can be pretty damn confusing. I'd honestly be scared to try to date me. It's a science.

Stevie: What is your favorite color tutu?
How about tutu is my favorite color. Can we just answer every question with the word tutu. Can we just all wear tutus every day of our lives? We'd all be much happier beings, I'm sure of it.

Taylor: What is your most treasured memory ever?
Dancing in the dining room of my hold house with my mom and brother to "Achy Breaky Heart", the many traditions I had growing up with my grama, and the day my Nana came to my 4th Grade reading class to give a presentation on her Danish heritage.

Steph: W
hat's your least favorite name for a child. What do you usually order at Taco Bell. What song can you not stand.
Oh probably Helga, or Olga - anything that sounds like a beefy she-woman with a unibrow. I used to order three crunchy supremes with no tomatoes at Taco Bell but now that the Dorito ones came out there is NO looking back. Loco all the way. And I cannot stand any of the wedding group dancing songs - aka electric slide, YMCA, tootsie roll, macarana. That shit will never go down at my wedding.

Samm: Tell me, has North Korea attacked us yet? What about Amanda Bynes? She sill alive?
The only thing that could possibly save Amanda Bynes at this point would probably need to be as large and as catastrophic as North Korea attacking us. But since she's still flashing her tatas at us with a half shaved head in a grungy bathroom I'm gonna go with no, North Korea is still at bay.

Cayla: Ideal vacation if money wasn't an object?
Renting out an entire cruise boat, taking every single friend and family member (plus a few celeb crushes) I know on board, and sailing that thing ALL over the world.

Brin: Okay typical "blogger" question... Why did you start blogging?
If we're going to be really real on this reason let's do it. I was browsing around on Pinterest and saw Jessica at Little Baby Garvin's pregnancy chalkboard updates and thought they were the cutest things ever. Then I found her blog through them and I fell in love with how funny she was. I'd go on her site every damn day waiting for a new update. It was like crack. Then I found tons of other bloggers through the comments on her posts and realized that there was a whole community of people that I became just as obsessed with that I could actually relate to that weren't pregnant. And from there I decided that I must have my own blog and here we are.

Kalyn: What would be your three wishes from a genie?
To win the lottery, to be able transport wherever I wanted, and to have a puppy.

Brin 2: Not so typical... If you killed someone and went on death row what would you last meal be? 
This is impossible for me to answer, I quit this question.

Brin 3: Oh another question. If you could never drink again.... What would you do with your life?
I don't know...maybe actually sleep more or work out or accomplish a bit more in life?

Kay: What's under your bed?
Seventeen thousand bags of Christmas decorations. A storage bin of craft supplies. A storage bin of shoes. My old Dell laptop. Apples to Apples. Extra bedding. Seriously the most exciting things you've ever heard of really.

Maggie: Would you watch Farrah's sex tape?
If it didn't cost money, yeah probably. And then I'd get to the actual sex parts and then I'd think of Sophia and I'd want to die inside so I'd shut it off.

You can say that again....

Sarah 1: If a train A is coming from the west and and train C is coming from the east what time will dinner be served on train B?
I'm not so sure about train B but if you're Erin's apartment then 5:35pm daily, aka the minute I get home from work. And then again at 7:30, 9:30, and 11. Girl's gotta eat.

Sarah 2: How much longer until you block me from tweeting you?
Never Sarah, NEVER! You make my Twitterverse so much happier because you constantly fill it with laughter and sunshine.

Breenah: If you could change Whitney's hair, what would you do to it?
I would do absolutely nothing to change my besty, duh Breenah. I need her to stay blonde and beautiful so that we can be "A brunette and a blonde with an inseparable bond" together. Plus if I made her a brunette people would reallyyy say that we look like sisters.

Beth: What is your ultimate thing to do in your downtime? (besides drinking margs of course) 
Well I'm not sure why that's an "of course" there Beth but I guess if you're trying to get me to answer with something other than drinking I'll have to go with climbing into bed after a really long and tiring day. There is no better feeling than falling into my cloud bed and feeling like I legit could become one with it forever.

Lisette: Do you blog with a drink in hand?
Sometimes yes I will blog with a glass of wine in hand. But it happens a lot less often then you might think. I prefer to do the most of my drinking on Saturday nights. I'm not too sure this blog would still be in business if I were to write while drinking every night.

Erica: If you could be any rapper gangsta who would it be and what would your catch phrase be. Example---f*ck bitches get money.
These questions are too hard for my brain right now guys! Maybe this was not such a good idea after all. I'm going to leave this one up to all of you today. Throw some ideas at me and I'll put the best one up on the blog tomorrow. 

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