Weekend Update: Poppin' Bottles

I always feel completely wiped out whenever I get back from a weekend-long trip home. There just simply isn't enough time for two five hour bus rides in a three day span. It is 2013, why haven't we figured out how to transport yet? I swear I would never complain about anything ever again if I had that ability. Except for when Psy comes onto my tv and jumps around waving his arm around like he's on a bucking bronco. I'd rather give myself paper cuts with an entire ream of paper if it meant never having to see or hear from that Looney Toon ever again.

But this post is about my weekend and not the Billboard Music Awards so I won't tell you how awkward Taylor Swift looks with her literal dance moves right now (hello making an 'X' with her arms when singing about ex-boyfriends? howww creative) but I will tell you about what I've been up to since Friday.

First things first: obviously I played with my little lady pup, Leah.

Should I stop talking about puppies yet? I feel like I annoy my own self with how often I tell you guys how much I want a dog. She doesn't look too thrilled to be posing with me because she thought I was about to hose her down and give her a bath. Nope, just using you as a blog prop my dear, don't you worry.

Later that day my mom, Grama, and I went to a winery down the road from my house for a late Mother's Day lunch since I couldn't see them last weekend. 

I got an amazing pulled pork sandwich (and ate it with a fork while completely ignoring the bread) and had a couple glasses of Riesling. Perfect lunch if I do say so myself. It was a pretty cloudy day which sucked since it was supposed to be mid seventies and sunny (welcome to Upstate NY where the weather men are on crack 99% of the time) but the scenery made up for the lack of sunshine. The Wisteria was gorgeous and it was ev-er-y-where so I took full advantage and whipped out my camera quite frequently.

Later that night it was party time for my besty, Heather, who turned 25 last week. She's officially an adult at this age (18 feels more like 8 to me at this point in life; 25 works better) so it was about time to go all out. Our first stop was at a new Hibachi place in Ithaca which was nothing short of the bomb dot com. You know when Ratatouille eats good food for the first time and fireworks go off in his mouth? It went a little something like that at dinner.

I ate a baby elephant sized portion of chicken and steak and shrimp and veggies and salad and soup and beer and ice cream cake. So much that I had to take my belt off right then and there in my chair. Which then led me to forgetting it when we got up and left the restaurant. Nothing like having to go back to the hibachi place to get your belt because you were too fat to wear it at dinner...I'm such a class act.

Speaking of class acts - we all hopped into a stretch limo after dinner to hit the town and bar hop for the rest of the night. I even bought some pink bottles of champagne to really relish in the entirety of it.

But don't you worry, I had two 18 racks of Bud and Miller Light sitting next to me after I got bored of being a lady. Me and my beer, I just need to have it. But right now my eyeballs need some allergy drops as much as Justin Bieber needs to be muzzled before ever going on stage to accept another award so I'm outta here. I hope you all had fabulous weekends yourselves!

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