The New Reveal

First thing's first: Happy Memorial Day - aka Happy "These are the only kind of Mondays that I actually don't want to shoot myself in the foot over" Day. Woo! I love me a Monday that still wants to be Sunday. I'd take one every damn week if I could.

I'd also take some warmer weather, a bbq, and some sort of body of water so that I could lay out and get myself some bronzed cheeks. But Manhattan decided it wanted to be bricker than brick outside Friday and Saturday so that wasn't going to happen. Although today it's supposed to be mid-seventies and sunny so I'm whipping out my white sun hat and soaking it all in. I'm thinking a trip to the Bronx Zoo (because I've never been and I've lived here for three point five years) and maybe a little picnic in Central Park. I hope you all have a fabulous day as well and I'll catch you back here tomorrow - same time, same place - for a weekend recap and maybe a giveaway.

Oh wait, that's not all I had to share with you today now was it? Things are looking a bit revamped around these blog parts and I'm so happy to finally share it with you all. The cold weather this weekend wasn't conducive to my day drinking abilities but it certainly did aid in my blog designing. I spent the majority of Saturday (and by majority I mean twelve hours - no joke I sat down at noon and looked up again and it was midnight) on my laptop screwing around with pictures and fonts and colors and sizing and spacing and html coding. This is the first time I've actually installed everything all by myself so it's safe to say I was going a little nuts learning how to do it all. 

BUT I MADE IT AND YOU'RE HERE LOOKING AT IT! Even all of my pages are brand new (and a lot prettier than they used to be) so be sure to check them out too. I'm going to go sigh some relief and maybe crack open a beer. Or twelve. I hope you all love it as much as I do. Who knows, maybe one day I'll even get to design your blog. Dreaming big over here kids, don't mind me.