These Are The Moments

Moments. They're what make up yesterday's past and they're what will define tomorrow's future. They're always there. Never stopping, always changing - constantly moving us, constantly making us feel alive.

There are those that come roaring in like a freight train when you least expect it, knocking the wind right out of you. You don't know what to say or what to do in that next moment. You are just there, lying in the rubble wondering how in the hell you ended up in that disastrous place so suddenly.

There are those that rip your heart out forcing you to watch in slow motion as it breaks into a million and one shattered and jagged little pieces as it falls to the floor and there's nothing you can do to stop it, no matter how hard you try.

There are those that confuse you to the point where you'd give up almost anything just to get inside the chaos and simply understand. But there isn't a single way into those locked walls, trust me you've tried.

There are those that make you question yourself and your abilities, your personality traits and your choices in life. They make you think about uttering those four horrible little words that no one should ever have to say: "What's wrong with me?"

There are those that will eat you up inside because life is going to change, yet again. They'll force you to rework your system. Force you to learn to live as a single heartbeat again. Force you to outgrow the habits that have so easily become your norm. And above all else, force you to miss the life you knew...before the train and before the change.

But then, oh then, there are those other moments.

The ones that cause you to stop in the middle of the street, stare up at that beautiful blue sky and make you feel like you could change the world just by walking on it.

The ones that allow you to to remember how much love you have bottled up ready to ship out to the next contender.

The ones that open your eyes and allow you to see the shining light as to exactly why that freight train needed to run right over every emotionally exhausted bone in your body. You needed it to rebuild.

The ones that bring out the hope and excitement for all of the new and unknown that your future will bring your way.

The ones that set you free from the worry and doubt and provide you with a clean slate to write your new-found life all over.

The ones that make it so painstakingly clear that you are a damn good catch with a long ass list of amazing qualities and that you should never allow yourself to dull your shine for even a second because you just might miss out on the next best thing...the thing that maybe, just maybe, might even be better than the last.

And a quick little Two Thirds Hazel design of one of my favorite quotes by Walt Whitman to brighten up this long and sappy rant of a post. Because you know I can't leave you all with such deep reading on a Thirsty Thursday without adding a little sunshine to your life. And this saying is pure gold so I ran with it straight to Photoshop. Have a cloudless day kids.

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