The Day My Dad Took Over

This all started when I offered my dad to do a guest post on my blog. He has made appearances here and there with his butter cats but he's never actually had his own words written on here before. Well that's all about to change rather quickly. Because yesterday I received an EIGHT PAGE word document for his post. Granted half of it was empty space or pictures but still, I opened up the email and went "Oh boy, what did I just get myself into." But it's good and it also shows you a bit of the life I lived before I moved away from home.

He decided to write about city vs. country life because I was born and raised in Upstate New York where there are quite a few corn fields and cow farms but I now obviously live in NYC aka "The Big City" to my father. Here's his take on why the country wins the battle (battle for what, I'm not sure) and a few of my thoughts scattered somewhere in-between.


Do you really think "THE BIG CITY" rules Upstate NY?
I'm “Dad, Pops or Mr. Kim” you decide and I'm here to tell you why it doesn't! (Yes, my dad's name is Kim. He is a he, not a she and no, I do not have any idea what my nana was thinking when she named him.)

Well first of all, let me start out by saying how proud I am of my daughter for being “real” and I love, love reading about her journey in the big city (aww, my dad loves me). Out of all things in parental teaching I would say this is one of the most important things that I had hoped to pass on as a parent. If a person wants to truly achieve self-confidence then they should be judged by others on who they truly are and not be scared of being real! 

Ok enough of that. I have a beef (beef? what is this 2001?) with my daughter’s big city world and I want to set things straight! She is only considered "country" to the big city dwellers. I am sure the way she grew up in upstate NY would be considered "city" to a real backwoods county dweller. 

Let me give you a taste of fun away from the hustle and bustle. By the way, many of the true NYC dwellers consider upstate NY to be anything north of the “Big City”. Please people, there's another 80% of the state to explore up here! Erin didn't even grow up in the real country backwoods. I mean...this is the house we built. (and he really does mean 'we' as in me and my family, no general contractors - the contractor was my dad.)

Yep that little girl had to help build the retaining wall you see there (that grey rocky area for those who have no idea what a retaining wall is). She had the easy job of pushing the 43 lb stones down a slide for me and her brother to pick up. I bet she only weighed 65 lbs at the time. (someone call the child abuse police, and stat)

Anyway, back to the fun parts - check this experience out! While setting up the fence around my garden I threw the leftover fence section into the weeds and low and behold it fell on one of the very creatures I had intended on keeping out of the garden, “be it a small version”.

Yep that's a baby deer! I grabbed it from under the fence while it was trying to get away to make sure it wasn't hurt. All the time I was looking over my shoulder to make sure mommy wasn't coming to kick my ass... I showed it to my wife and then let it go. Mom and baby were roaming the property for the next month or so. Now how does that compare to seeing a Broadway show in the city? I have seen both. Kats (it's "Cats" dad, who are you a Kardashian?) is not worth as much as holding a fawn that is only hours old. (okay okay I'll give this one to him but he saw Cats which sucked - try Wicked next time)

That’s not all the nature on the property. Let’s talk about the our back yard pond. I'm pretty sure no kid growing up in Manhattan had one of these! (touché dad, touchéIt's a nice pond that keeps some monsters very happy. Check this one out:

This guy can be heard at night along with the peepers but they are both FAR less annoying than the sirens and beeping and jack hammering of the city. (wrong, the peepers make me go MENTAL whenever I'm home)

Now Erin will tell you she hated going in the pond when the seed weed (that’s what she called it) (I don't remember this...) came to the top. What she didn’t realize was that seed weed was cover for the fish babies that need to hide from the other monster in the pond. Aka the big fish.

Don’t get scared girls this fish is only 18” (oh yea, ONLY 18", aka the size of my entire torso) and it doesn’t come after you when you are swimming in the pond.

Beautiful right! Does the pond serve any other needs you may ask? What’s that treehouse structure in the background you ask? Well that is a half section of a 32’ smoothed face SDR 45 stormwater pipe. (because every lifestyle and fashion blogger out there knows what that means, right?) Yes Erin, I had to get some construction into the post! We have a pump to pump water down the slide through a hose which prevents your ass from burning on that hot heat absorbing black pipe on your way down it. You won't find one of these in Central Park, ladies!

And yes you do also see a zip line! I built it for the kids and their friends to use. Who am I kidding I build it for myself! It attaches to our deck so you can take off from there and make your way across the yard and drop into the pond. (or slip off of it and drop on your back in the yard if your name is Laura)

I do however wonder how the little girl in the below picture became such a princess. Yes that’s the princess on the slide heading into the mud because she couldn’t wait for the pond to totally fill and settle out. So impatient then and still to this day at times! (see my dad thinks I'm a princess but I'm not - you all know that by now with my beer drinking / sports bar dwelling ways)

Whenever I visit the city my daughter loves to kindly tell (aka bitch and nag) her father when I'm looking at the high rises and touristy things that I am going too slow!  She says in the way only a NYC dweller can say “you sight see-ers slow the city down”. (duh, this is absolutely true - sidewalks are for walking and you stopping to take a picture in the middle of one is going to make me late!) 

Okay well let me tell you something...little Erin came home not too long ago and while getting out of the car she stopped and began gazing at the sky and the stars and said “wow look at all the stars out tonight”! (I think it was more along the lines of "Wow I really miss the stars" but for the sake of storytelling I'll let it slide) I saw what she was looking at, and being the smart ass I am, my quick response was "Come on Erin what the hell are you looking at, we need to get to dinner and you’re making us late!" I then said "Those stars are better than anything man can build!" It’s too bad you can’t see them in the city and smell the freshness we smell while looking at our natural city lights. I love catching her at her own game! 

I could go on and on but I will take over her blog and soon I will have more followers than her, ha-ha! (this could probably be true, and that's the scary part) I don’t read her blog all the time but I will say when I do I don’t only love reading her blog but also I love reading YOUR comments. It’s great that there is a hidden family in this blog world! I still think my own family is the best though.

Blog on bloggers,
Mr. Kim

And that concludes today's guest post from my dear old dad. Surprisingly enough, it only took me about ten minutes to correct a few of his spelling and grammar mistakes. That is a win for him! Thank you dad for coming and sharing your story with the blog world today. I love that you read my blog and send me texts of blog advice and things that you think could help me grow. I will always be a "country girl" at heart but even this blog post can't convince me that the "big city" doesn't rule.

Oh and to anyone reading -  you heard the man - he likes reading your comments more than my own posts so leave him something to come back to! 

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