The Controversial Post

I am not a Christian and I do not believe in God.

There I said it. And if you're going to be a judgmental asshole and paint a picture of me based off of that one sentence then pretty please I BEG OF YOU to click the little red button up at the top and leave me and my corner of the dot com world forever. Nobody has time for people like you so good riddance. Rant over.

I always told myself that I would never write a post on this topic. It's been labeled as one of the "no-no" topics in Blogland. I didn't want to be the girl that aired out every last view and opinion to the world hoping that I would be understood. But I know now that I won't be understood by at least half of you and that's perfectly okay with me. I am a big advocate of everyone being able to have their own opinion on all aspects of life. Politics, gay marriage, social issues, climate change, etc. And religion is absolutely no different. I might not agree with you but you go and have your opinion all you want girlfriend.

To each their own, this is America after all.

What I'm not okay with is when we start judging, bashing and completely disregarding people based solely on these opinions. There is such a huge stigma in the blog world about those who do not believe in God. I swear, I drink too much, I don't have good morals, my future children will be corrupt, I'm lost, I don't have a real purpose in life, I can't possibly be a good person deep down without having a relationship with God, etc. Garbage, that's what I have to say to all that. But I still don't even give a rat's ass if people think these things about me. Honest to God. (Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't say things like that in a post like this.)

But notice how I said if people think these things. Thinking is fine. I think a lot of crazy things. The real problem is when these people go around yapping their traps bitching about it.

You see, I can't even tell you how many blogs I have visited that have something like "God is my savior and my life mission is to make others find Him" or "I belong to Jesus" or "Wife to Bob, Mother to Marley, and Child of God" in their 'About Me' sections. It's the first thing plastered on there right after their name. And don't get me wrong, if I'm going to throw it all out there and be real then I'll say that I do become slightly hesitant when I see it. It's human nature to take a step back and think "hmmm, about that" when you come across something that you don't agree with. You wonder how many other things you can truly have in common with someone who believes in something so fundamentally different than you.

But I'm an adult and I'm respectful and I was raised to accept the differences amongst us all so I still visit your blog, I still comment, I still stalk you, I still think of you as my blog friend, I still obsess over every other aspect of your blog just as any fellow Christian would.

You aren't defined by your belief of God just as I'm not defined by my lack of it. ***I'm updating this to say "I don't define you solely by your belief of God just as I hope you don't define me by my lack of it"***

So I will love you just as much as any other. Yeah, I might see your ten Bible verses post and peace on out of there for the day but I would never comment telling you you're wrong for it.

But it doesn't seem to really work this way with everyone in blog world. Because what really irks me is that it would be a complete catastrophe if I was to ever have an 'About Me' section that went a little like: "Hi my name is Erin. I don't believe in God because I think the Bible is whole bunch of crazy and I think we came from apes and evolution...not a rib. I like tutus and bottles of Riesling. So grab a glass and stay awhile, I promise we'll have fun."


I think my blog would literally catch on fire and be burned at the stake if I were to do something like that. And don't even get me started on the blog posts. At least once a day I come across someone that will thank the good Lord above for all of her blessings in life. Or one that goes on and on about something amazing happening to her and finally getting to the bottom and seeing that she "owes every ounce of it to God". It's so commonplace for all of that to occur daily and no one bats a single mascara covered eyelash at it, but as soon as a non-believer comes along and decides to post about their views?

Yikes. Better run to the nearest bar.

And I'm not saying that every religious blogger out there judges or attacks everyone who doesn't believe, but I am saying that the lines of "normal" are far more skewed towards it being acceptable to post about loving Him than it is to post about not believing in Him. So much so that I have been nervous about writing it all down and hitting publish for the past year now.

And that right there is the problem I'm trying to get at. We should all be able to write freely about how we feel on certain topics without being afraid of getting bashed and we should all be wise enough to know when to click the red button when reading something you completely disagree with instead of doing that bashing.

Phew, that's enough seriousness for one day. Hakuna matata.