So You Want To Peek Inside My Bedroom?

Some of my favorite posts to read are the ones that show pictures of where bloggers live. If that's not the creepiest statement you've ever read then you're hanging out with a weird ass crowd. But in all honesty, I think it's so fun to see pictures of the rooms you make your very own. The kitchen you pour yourself a glass of wine in, the bedroom you put your OOTD's together in, the living room you blog your life away in, the bathroom you pee in. Say what?!

I kid I kid. But then I realized that I don't have any pictures of my own apartment on my blog for you to creepishly stalk so I thought maybe I should take some. And then I remembered that such a task would probably call for some cleaning up and I nipped that idea in the butt realll quick. The only thing that was clean at the time this idea came to a head was my own room. Because it's clean 95% of the time. Unless I'm waking up on a weekend morning and then you're bound to find last night's outfit thrown over a light, the contents of my clutch spewed across my dresser, and maybe a stray McDonald's fry underneath my pillow. You gotta keep it classy kids.

Although I now realize that those pictures might actually be better than the put together ones you're about to see. Crap. Oh well, I guess even hot messes enjoy looking at pretty things like flowers and inspiring quotes right? If not then just lie a little bit for me and I'll send you a personal picture of that french fry the next time it runs away on me. 

But back to regularly scheduled programming - my room. I posted a picture of these happier than all hell mason jars yesterday on Instagram for May Day. I picked the flowers up on the corner right next to my apartment for about five bucks. Flowers, mani/pedis, and absolutely nothing else: the only cheap things you'll find in NYC.

I wrote THIS POST about them a couple months ago if you're interested in seeing how I made them. They all hang right above my headboard and I thank the heavens that none have fallen on my head. Yet. I tend to change out what I put inside depending on the season. For instance, Christmastime had some Epsom Salt as fake snow on the bottoms with red candles flickering inside. Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner so I may or may not just fill them with margs. And you think I'm kidding...

In another corner of my room you'll find a collection of frames and knicknacks in my "desk area". This is how New Yorkers do office space. Good thing I need to do no such thing and just stick to makeup time here.

You can obviously also see that awesome quote I posted last week hanging up on the left, a glittered frame reminding me to get my shine on, two frames that obviously need some help, a wine bottle filled with flowers, a welded metal Wall-e that someone special bought me at a shop in Bryant Park last Christmas, a crayon drawing from my little cousin, a mirror (le duh), NYC letters (just so I remember where it is that I live, very important on those stray french fry mornings), and some necklaces. Phew that was a long damn sentence. Hold on while I go sip on some water wine.

I've also been dabbling in a little canvas painting lately. Scratch that, you can't really even call this painting. I call it "getting annoyed at how hard it is to write words with a paintbrush instead of a pen". Someone told me about something called paint pens? I think I need those.

Anyway, this would be the latest quote to grace the bare beauty that is a plain undisturbed canvas. "You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling". I fell in love as soon as I heard it on Inception. It's so SO true and unbelievably inspiring to wake up to every morning. Another one I live by.

If you look closer at the word 'afraid' you will realize that the 'f' is just a tad bit squeezed in there. Like a thong shoved between two butt cheeks - it shouldn't really stick itself in such a small space but, alas, it must. Either that or I would have had the word 'araid' staring at me forever. Whoops. Props to my IRL friend for pointing that mishap out to me! But that's all you get today from the Manhattan closet that is my apt. 

Oh and just to keep things real over here...
I'll throw the Christmas wreath that is STILL hanging in my living room at you.

It even still has the lights wrapped around it. Don't get too jealous.
Of the wreath that is...I already know you're jealous of me for having such a badass decoration.

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