One Heck of a Weekend Hodge Podge

So we're back from a long weekend and we all want to crawl into a cave and hide again until Friday around five o'clock. Am I right or am I right? At least today is Tuesday and we only have three more days to get there. Plus, if you're reading this then you're also looking at my brand spankin' new blog design that I revealed yesterday and that will provide you with at least a bit of excitement. Okay maybe that's just me. But I'm in love with this simple, sweet and perfectly pretty place and I'm so glad I finally forced myself to learn how to install it without any help. I'm feeling somewhat accomplished over here guys. Youtube to the rescue on that one. Expect this one to stick around for longer than two months. Or at least until I see the next inspiring picture on Pinterest and decide to spend another twelve hours switching things up. But let's get to the weekend shall we?

Friday: An impromptu trip over the river to go out in Hoboken. It was cold and rainy and downright miserable but the views of the city from over there never care what mother nature is doing - it's always a gorgeous sight to see. Sometimes I contemplate moving to the 'boken just so I can stare at the city all day. And then I get my head on straight and I laugh at myself for even thinking of moving to the dirty jerz. I'm a Manhattanite through and through.

Saturday: Chipotle in hand fifteen minutes after opening. Who makes a Chipotle field trip the first thing they do on a Saturday morning at 11:15am? This girl. And who decides that it's also necessary to document a disheveled, no make-up look with a Chipotle bag for all the world to see as well? This girl. The fat crazy one who is marking today as her first gym day with her new membership because of this very behavior.

The rest of the day was spent sitting on the couch, laptop in hand, grinding out my new blog design. I think I might have watched the same news loop about eleventy seven times as well as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days...twice. Because apparently E! thinks it's normal to air the same movie back to back. P.S. Matthew McConaughey? Marry me. Kate Hudson? You can marry me too. 

Sunday: A blogger meet up with Alissa (otherwise known as Al-ass-a). The girl fine-a-ly got her ass down to the city. I mean she lives less than three hours away. Why it has taken us a year to finally get our beer drinking asses together so we could beer drink our asses off together is beyond me. But it happened and it was perfection. I might have scared her off with how many times I had to pee but if that didn't do it then the bartender/waitress/hooker with her fupa all decked out in her Memorial Day white surely did. I also look about two years old in this shot. How I get served at times like these...I really just don't know.

Sunday: A trip to the Bronx Zoo to see allllll da animals! I've lived in the city for three and a half years and this was my first ever trip there. Of course I chose to go on the first big summer holiday of the year.  Why would I do anything different right? I mean it wasn't like every kid under the age of twelve wasn't there too. At least I fit right in... 

Despite attempting to bombard a stroller every two point seven seconds and waiting in a long ass line to go on the monorail it was so much fun. Stick me in any place with animals surrounding me and you can but your bottom dollar that I'll be skipping and snapping pictures like I've never seen something with four legs in my life.

My all-time favorite part? The Dippin' Dots. Le duh. I think it's about time I buy myself my own cart and stick it in my kitchen for the remainder of the summer. It can go right next to that guacamole cart I've been meaning to add to my life. Cados and frozen balls. Sounds like when heck of a party to me.

My other all-time favorite part? Remembering that I didn't have to be sad after I left all the animals because The Bachelorette was on later. And I don't think there's anything in the world I love more than when this shows starts up again. And with that pathetic line I think I'll leave you. Because there aren't too many things I can say to come back after that one. Here's to the most dramatic season ever! (That I will be watching tonight because I ended up passing out early last night and never watched it) Apparently frolicking around the zoo staring at adorable animals all day will take a lot out of you...but here's to the most dramatic season ever!

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