Loving Lately

     One // He looks like a little bat and I'd just like to scoop him up and snuggle him forever.
     Two // I couldn't tell you what this animal is but I can tell you that I love his gold glittered antlers.
     Three // If you are a man and you give me flowers you should go with peonies. The easiest way to my heart (besides a beer).
     Four // I don't really love baked sweets but this one looks too sweet not to eat. Look at my rhyming away.
     Five // If only I could look like a hot mess and still be as bad ass as this chick.
     Six // Give me this now. Like "I might track this bitty down and rip the outfit off of her" now.

     One // Where do people find these vintage-inspired pieces? I think I need to head upstate for some garage sailing because I'm in love.
     Two // I don't have a husband but if I did you can bet that you'd find these on my bed.
     Three // Oh hello creamy neutrals and pops of pink, I think I'd really like to have you in my closet.
     Four // About that no husband thing? I want one just so I can wear this backless bow dress. 
     Five // And then I could carry this glittered bouquet of flowers around all day and not look like an idiot.
     Six // Thank you little sign, I think I will do just that. You are a wise one my friend.

     One // Drop the bowl and trot your little tushy right on over to me and my beating heart. I will love you.
     Two // I'll even let you sleep in my bed. It might not be as cozy as this one but we can dream together.
     Three // So that thing about me loving neutrals? Yeah, here we are again...
     Four // But this color blue by Benjamin Moore, oh my my how I love thee. So calming.
     Five // Eleanor Roosevelt you are one smart lady.
     Six // If your bathroom is as pretty as this one don't be surprised if I shack up in your bathtub.

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