Going A Little Cray Today

Do you ever have those moments or days or, hell, WEEKS that simply just don't go your way? Nothing catastrophic happens. Nothing detrimental to your life. Nothing that you'd write home about or even remember happening the next day. Just all those little mishaps that frustrate you to no end and cause you to want to smack your head against the wall and take a nap...for a very long while.

Yeah, well that's been my life for the past week. I could probably blame most of it on being a girl (cough cough, hello sucky time of the month) or on being completely miserable from being forced to hang out with my allergies 24/7 but I'm about done.

It starts out pretty simple. I can't unscrew a jar of pickles or I can't get the remote to work because something is in the way of the cable box. Then it gets a little worse. I stub my toe on the coffee table and then spill water all over the floor. Then I drop my teeny little allergy pill in the carpet and I'd lose it in the pile. Then I try to take a shower but the water won't get hot. Then I put toothpaste on my toothbrush and it falls off into the sink while trying to turn the water on. Then the garbage bag gets stuck in the actual garbage can because there's that ridiculous metal wire lip therefore ripping the bag and leaking crap all over the place. Then I try to take it down to the garbage room anyway and have to wait more than 30 seconds (gasp!) for the elevator. Then I attempt to put dishes away but the bowls weren't flipped over while drying so there's still water hanging out in them, but of course I don't realize that until it's all over my brand new dress. Fabulous!

And the list goes on and on. All the stupid little things add up and my level of frustration reaches the point where I just yell "HOLY EFF" loud enough for the next door neighbors to hear yet I don't give a crap because obviously the world is against me at this point anyway.

Why am I telling you this? I have no idea. Maybe so that I can find one or two of you out there that know the exact feeling and can tell me that I'm not crazy for having the patience of a puppy. That's the great thing about blogging. I can come here and write about pretty much anything and I know there will  be at least someone out there that can relate. I think that's probably my most favorite thing I've gained out of joining this crazy community. That even though we sometimes feel completely alone when we say something weird and random like "I only shampoo my roots and condition my ends" there will at least be one person sitting behind their own computer nodding their head saying "Yup, that's me." or "Jeez I thought I was the only one." But no, we all somehow come together - for the good days and the bad days, the happiest moments and the frustrating moments.

Thanks for listening to my complaining rampage of a rant today. Here's to warm showers, non-stubbed toes, and garbage bags that stay intact. And as a way to cheer us all up after that downer of a post (can I even call it that?) let's have ourselves a puppy picture. Because you should expect nothing else from me. Yay for furbabies that look like teddy bears!

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