Earwigs, Carpet Rides, and Flying Monkeys

This right here is how I like my Sundays to be spent on the blog:
1) Someone else does all the work so that I can sleep in and day drink.
2) That someone comes up with a great guest post that even I would read.
3) That someone is also one chill chick.

I say "chill" because, I mean, just look at her...

This gangster elf's name is Faith and she had a couple of her friends ask her questions because she was struggling too much to come up with her own (girl, if asking yourself ten of your own questions is hard I don't want to know how long it takes you to screw in a lightbulb) so she basically cheated on her OWN guest post. And that right there is why I know we could be good friends. Take nothing too seriously in life - that's my motto and she has it covered. Let's begin. Faith will answer the questions; I'll provide the commentary.

1. What is the greatest love song of all time?
Faith: Obviously the greatest love song, ever, is 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin. 
Homeboy took Jasmine for a MAGIC CARPET RIDE, if that doesn't say love - I don't know what does.
Erin: See Aladdin was more of my brother's jam so I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one and go with Alfalfa singing to Darla in The Little Rascals.

2. Do you believe that girls just want to have fun?
Faith: I believe that some girls (like Erin) just want to have fun. I believe that some other girls are just batshit crazy.
Erin: This girl speaks the truth my friends. But the batshit crazies make me laugh so then I still get to have fun. Win win!

3. How many flowers were in the garden of Eden? Faith: Seriously? I have no idea... were there even any flowers? I remember there being an evil tree with forbidden fruit... but I don't remember flowers, sorry.
Erin: I'm pretty sure you all saw my post on religion by now....and if Faith doesn't know the answer then I definitely don't.

4. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Faith: Both! I'm down with the swirl.
Erin: She's an equal opportunity employer eater people. I personally could go for just about any ice cream right now.

5. What's your favorite way to spend your vacation time?
Faith: Vacationing.
Erin: Way to elaborate on this one girlfriend. I'll add in eating, drinking, and bronzing my skin.

6. Do you believe the myth of the correlation between a man's shoes size and his ... ?
Faith: Yes. I'm opting not to elaborate on this because it's Erin's blog and I don't want her street cred to vanish because of me. But yes... I think there's some truth to this, not so mythical, myth.
Erin: Now this is where I start to wonder if Faith has ever even read my blog...because this is my favorite question of them all.

7. If you could pick only ONE trait that you look for in a husband, what would it be?
Faith: Humor. If the guy isn't funny, I can't marry him. 
Erin: Ding, ding, ding we have ourselves a winner. I'd also pick height because I'm shallow like that.

8. Grossest thing you've seen someone, who didn't know you were watching, do?
Faith: I feel gross even mentioning this here... lets just say I've seen someone pick a zit and eat it.
Excuse me while I vomit.
Erin: ljfaslkdjfa;igjawokjgalwgmdma. Sorry, that was me barfing. THIS MUST STOP.

9. Biggest 'irrational' fear?
Faith: Earwigs. Gross, gross, gross. I can handle most insects/creatures but earwigs terrify me. Gag.
Erin: What exactly is an earwig...? I had a roommate in college once who called Q-Tips earwigs.

10. Favorite childhood movie?
Faith: The Wizard of Oz. I'm still waiting for my own pair of the Ruby Red Slippers.
Erin: No. The girl is scared of weird bugs but not the flying monkeys?! I'm sorry, no.

You can go check out more and say hi to Faith over here:
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P.S. Yesteday I spent about 12 hours on my laptop doing stuff for my new blog design. That is way too many hours to be spending on such a thing. I swear I started around noon and then looked up and bam it was midnight. It's the craziest thing. During the madness I was watching RHOC and I almost spit out my drink when Heather said the line "I'll cut you like bad bangs bitch." So I stopped all Two Thirds Hazel madness and created a little picture with the line. Because it was seriously too good not to. Happy Sunday (that's really Saturday) everyone!