A Weekend And A Doggy

This is where I'm supposed to tell you about my weekend but my weekend was nothing short of uneventful and everything short of exciting. I decided to keep things really low key because my allergies have been kicking my ass lately. But I'm sure you already knew that, especially if you follow me on twitter. I'm really annoying when I'm sick, sorry about it. I've basically downed the entire allergy aisle of the drug store and I'd rather rip my own eyeballs out than have a free Blue Moon tap installed in my kitchen. That last part was obviously a lie. But I'd say that gives you a pretty damn good idea of how annoyed I am with the pollen floating around Manhattan. No, annoyed isn't quite the right word. Pissed is more like it. Real pissed. And that's exactly why I did nothing but hang out INside away from the agony inducing particles all weekend. Awesome, I know.

I crafted with my little man at work to make a Mother's Day present for his mommy. I snapped him into his high chair, taped some paper down onto his tray, and let him paint away. Aka watched him stick his purple and pink covered fingers into his mouth, and hair, and eyes and look absolutely perplexed as to why I wasn't feeding him bananas instead. But I worked some magic with a pair of scissors and a roll of tape and created a construction paper pot of flowers. His momma loved it so that's all that really mattered at the end of the day.

I ate a bit too much this past week (thank you girly problems) so I decided to take a stroll home instead of taking the subway to work off a few lbs. 70 blocks later and I had seen about 17 of these hippo trucks, which obviously reminded me of my Whitopotamus bff, which obviously made me really sad. But the sadness could only last so long because I finally got a good view of her donk on the back end of one and my day was made. If only are behinds could look as good as Whitty's...

I finally arrived at my destination for the night and couldn't help but be amazed (once again) by the unbelievable views that this city has to offer. They never get old, even after three and a half years of living here. I really don't think that'll ever change either. 

The streets come alive in the night time and the Empire State Building is the center of it all. The three levels and sides change color each night depending on the occasion that day. Pink for Valentine's Day, red and green for Christmas, blue and orange for a big Knicks win, etc. I have no idea what Friday was for but it looked pretty exciting nonetheless. 

It's pretty surreal to be watching Say Yes to the Dress in the living room while at the same time seeing the ESB all lit up through the window right beside it. This city I live in...it's pretty special.

I slept in really late because I was up ALL night itching my eyes out of their sockets. I look like a serious crack head when I wake up every morning. I think I might even scare the drunk homeless men with just the site of me. So I lounged around on the couch the majority of the day watching Harry Potter, bought more allergy meds, got caught in a thunderstorm outside, and babysat at night all while eating at least twenty of these damn balls from Katie throughout the day. They're a serious addiction. Don't try them unless you plan on making a triple batch. And then another quadruple batch after you finish off the first round...

I was sad because it was Mother's Day and for the past couple years both my mom and grama have come here to visit for it. But since I'm going home this coming weekend we never made plans for it to happen this year. So instead I just found some pictures of us and reminisced. 

This is all of us at a Mother's Day tea party when I was in Kindergarten. The 90's at its finest, let. me. tell. you. And look at those paper flowers I pinned on their shirts. Killer. Oh and that milk pouch down there in the bottom left corner? Those were my shit. Until you poked your straw straight through both layers and milk started spewing all over the place. Then things went sour. Literally.

This next one is a picture of all of us last year in Central Park. I come from a pretty good line of ladies, I must say. Love them like no other.

And now I'm ending the day with a Boscia face mask, some more ballz, and the season finale of Revenge (oh my heck - SO good!). Things are lookin' real cute over here...like a clown with the puffiest allergy ridden eyelids ever. I'm sure you're jealous.

But that's not all my friends. You didn't think I'd actually leave you with a picture like that, did you? Yikes. Instead, I'm going to end things with a puppy (shocker). But today it's not just one I randomly found and stole off the Internet...it's a real blog friend's dog. And she's not your average dog, just take a look for yourself. And then be sure to go check out her owner Kaylin while you're at it because she's not average either, she's actually pretty awesome. I think I took too many allergy pills...

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I'm Kaylin and I blog over at Stay Blonde, Ski Local.
I'm not quite as exciting as Erin, but I try.

If you hang around my blog I'll probably tell you more embarrassing stories, like the time I was naked in a castle, I'll probably show you what I was wearing for lack of creativity, and I'll probably show you a craft or two.

But what I really want to share with you is my puppy, not that Erin's blog lacks puppy pictures, because it doesn't, but because my Dog Zoey (why am I not addressing her by her name, that was dumb) is super cool and will jump off a diving board. 
I'm not even kidding- check it out!

And that's about the only cool thing she does, aside from act cute, run with me, and snuggle with me.
She's a one trick pony if you will.

Anyways- I just wanted to say hi.
Drop by SBSL (<--- it's a super fancy abbreviation for Stay Blonde, Ski Local) and stay a while
I'd love to hang out!!

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