A Thank You and a DIY Mother's Day Gift

First off, I'd like to give a larger than life thank you to everyone that commented on my post yesterday. You all rocked my non-existent (hellooooo sandal season) socks off! I was absolutely certain that I would lose at least 25+ followers after hitting the publish button on yesterday's post. But no, you're all still here and you're stuck with me forever because I love you that much.

Don't get me wrong, I was pretty nervous to hit the publish button once I had finished writing. My mom texted me saying: "A little daring blog post today but positive comments. Generated a lot of them!" And my dad emailed me this: "Well that’s my girl and I can take some of the blame/credit!
I have been following my little girl as she blogs her way through life in the big city and I got to say “Hell Yes” I enjoy it!  You were brought up to always challenge situations, maybe not in an “in your face” way but always to be a free, independent and respectful thinker. I have always told you to “Agree to disagree” but carry respect for others and most importantly command it for yourself." 

But it was absolutely amazing to see so many bloggers with so many different views and beliefs come together to at least agree on what I posted. I was pretty dumbfounded and overwhelmed by it all. There were so many sweet words said to me along with quite a few thought provoking and knowledgeable comments as well. I thoroughly enjoyed getting a taste of what it's like to a be a "big blogger" with 80+ emails flooding in from so many lovely faces that I got to communicate about real life stuff with.

Thank you to all of you again for making me feel like I, without a doubt, chose the right decision in taking the jump into the "off limits" zone. Next up - Obamacare!

Kidding kidding. Next up... Saw It Pinned It Did It

I'm so glad that this link up has finally returned to blogland! Katie and Steph apparently decided that they needed to go have lives and not spend every waking hour being creative and documenting it for all to see. Pshh. I don't know who they think they are but I'm glad they got their heads straight and brought it back to us.

Here's my original pin for today's craft session:

It's just too cute right? I've seen many different versions floating around the Pinosphere that I've wanted to make but since I haven't met (well maybe I have) my future husband, been engaged, or gotten married yet I decided to make one for my mom for Mother's Day instead. So mine is obviously going to look a little different than the original so bare with me!

My project was centered around the song "Home" by Edward Sharpe. "Awwww home. Let me come hoooome. Home is whenever I'm with you." Ya know the one where the little girl sings with her dad in the Youtube video. No? Crawl out from under your rock and go Google that shit already!

So obviously that's the reason why I have HOME written at the very top of the frame. The picture on the left is the address and map of the first house I ever lived in, the second house is on the very right, and a picture of me and mom sits in the middle of the two with the quote "Whenever I'm with you" because, well, it's true. I am home whenever I'm with my momma. Plus it's sappy and that's what a Mother's Day is for right?

And once again I have zero step-by-step instructions for you because I'm pretty sure you don't even need to know how to add single digit numbers to be able to figure this one out. Print some maps, draw some hearts where you live, write out the addresses, stuff them all in a frame with three holes and bing bang boom you're done! Quicker than it takes me to annihilate a tub of roasted pine nut hummus. Speaking of which, it's about time I go scoop some of that onto my dino nuggets and call it a day.

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