A Giveaway for the Month of May

Well, well, well. Here we are again. It's group giveaway day in May! I feel like Dr. Seuss or something. Nothing like a giveaway every month to make you realize how fast time truly does fly by. I swear I was just putting up April's giveaway last week. Or maybe that's because I didn't end up picking a winner until last week.... Welp. Guess it goes to show that I really do get sad that I can't win these things myself and I try to hold out as long as possible before I shell out all of the fabulousness to someone other than me. 

This month I have fourteen prizes to give away to one of you lucky little ladies. But this wouldn't be possible without the love and generosity from the fourteen ladies who sponsored this crazy place for the past month. I always say that I have the prettiest peonies in the garden around here and you probably don't believe me. But you should...because it's true. And I just absolutely adore getting to know all of them. It's pretty amazing how many more friends I have in life just because they decide to come sit on my sidebar. Wait a second, is that pathetic instead of sad? Oh hell, who cares. I love it all the same.

Anyway, you should probably come sit on my sidebar next month so that you can allow me to have more friends in life. I'm serious...go do it. Because there are still spots left and you'll also get to be a part of next month's giveaway and that's just fun for everyone. But before you do that make sure you check out these fourteen babes and enter your heart out.

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