A Fiesta Of A Weekend

I have a rather large announcement to make today. Are you ready for it? Alright, I'm moving to Mexico. Boom there's your announcement. Because if every weekend involved copious amounts of guac, Coronas, and margs then I'd like to sign up for the rest of my life, thank you. This is supposed to be a recap of my weekend but that last sentence pretty much covered it so I'll just leave you with some pictures of my adventures.

Friday evening started with Chipotle to kick this holiday weekend off with a bang. I'm pretty sure I woke up that morning reciting my burrito bowl order - that's how badly I was craving it. So that was my first stop after getting off of work.

Nothing can really beat Chipotle in my opinion. The corn salsa? Unbelievable. That's what makes it for me. If I order to-go and get home and realize they forgot  to put it on? OH HEYLLL NO. You better believe I'm walking my ass straight back to make them pile it on there. I think I'm going to need to look up the recipe and start making large batches to store in my fridge. Any Chipotle workers out there that could help me out?

After scarfing down heaven I threw my NY Knicks tee on and headed down to Murray Hill to watch the game with some friends. I would just like to point out a little rule of thumb: sports shirts = attention. Aka if you put a sports t-shirt on and strut your shit down the street you are bound to be hit on at least once per block. It happens every damn time. I don't hate it. Unless you're giving me shit about my team and then I'll just throw dirty looks like it's my day job and then probably give you five reasons as to why you're wrong for picking whatever team it is that you like instead of mine.

Turns out, the Knicks ended up winning the game. Which is rather shocking because, well, they usually suck. They haven't won a playoff series since I was 13. That is not even an exaggerated joke. And neither is the bowl of fried pickles and the Blue Moon I inhaled while watching it. Please remember that I had also previously eaten an entire burrito bowl an hour before this meal. Welcome to the life of Erin's stomach.

Saturday consisted of lounging around and making mustache straws in preparation for Cinco de Mayo. I'm not at all about this mustache craze thing. It came in as fast as chevron did and I never quite understood it. But I caved for one day because it actually made sense for this holiday. Therefore the craft box got dragged out from under my bed and staches were painted and cut and glued to straws. Love it.

Saturday night was spent at a Cinco party at the Hudson Hotel. Imagine dudes in ponchos and $12 drinks as the "specials". I'm still pissed at myself for paying over ten dollars for a flippin' Corona. And I'm even more pissed that I left my damn sombrero there. But hey, at least I got to rock my new heels. Nothing to be mad at about that.

There was one good thing about expensive beers though. I don't want to fork over money for a lot of them s no hangover for this little lady this next morning. Ole! Instead, I woke up happy as a bum with a french fry and sent out a little "Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!" love with my stache via my iPhone to a few friends.

I then rounded up about every avocado on my entire block (this is not a joke, I showed up at every fruit/veggie stand that I knew of and squeezed the cados to find the best ones) and headed to Astoria to have an outdoor BBQ fiesta at my friend's apartment. And that's where things go downhill (for my calorie counter) (which I don't have). I HOUSED an entire grocery store worth of food. There was even a pasta salad that called for Fritos as one of the ingredients. HOLY YUM!

I also got a kick out of how the shrimp skewers we were making looked somewhat like the Mexican flag. Totally planned it to happen, duh.

A couple margs, grilled corn on the cob, chips and guac, burgers, hot dogs, sangria, carrots and hummus, fruit, and seventeen helpings of that salad later and I about wanted to throw up. I have no idea how I fit it all in there. It's somewhat magical and I really don't mind it. But all this talk about eating is making my hungry again so it's about time for me to peace on out of here.

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