Weekend Update

Oh hello Monday, there you are again sneaking up on me worse than my monthly visitor. You really suck Monday, but I guess I'll be your friend today since you're producing me some very happy weather. So happy that I walked straight passed my boots, scarves and coats this morning. Even the homeless bums are taking off a layer. Which means it's about time I started plugging my nose.

But back to the reason for this post; my weekend. I can sum it up pretty quickly...and quickly I will do because you all know how much I despise recapping my weekends come Monday morning.

One: Spring is arriving
I'm that creep that hunches down next to trees along the side of busy NYC streets to "capture the beauty of the foliage". Just kill me know. I won't blame you.

What's funny about this one is that while I was getting my photog on there was actually a woman that made her husband pull their SUV over in the middle of the street and roll down the window to tell me that she agreed with me that these were beautiful. She was screaming "BEAUTIFUL! Just BEAUTIFUL!" and I was all like "Oh me? Why thank you, crazy lady, you're too kind."

Two: My first ever blog date
I was pretty nervous about this one. So nervous that I was busy snapping selfies of my pretty sailboat scarf in the park ten minutes before I was supposed to be there. I mean, you would too if you had that lovely nauticalness all up in your face and the sun was shining. Judge me, I dare you. Oh wait, you do that daily...

We went to a place called The Sunburnt Calf on the Upper West Side. We will be going there again. But we will be arrive earlier and/or getting our drink on beforehand because let me tell ya - this place is a shit show. That's because you pay $10 for any of the meal options (omelet, burger, scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc) and then just $10 more for UNLIMITED drinks (mimosas, bloody marys, beers, etc).

Setarra :: Me :: Michael :: Kaitlin

It was Kaitlin's birthday weekend so we ended up having a cake whatever the hell this pile of coconut covered thing is brought over. Funny part: we all start singing happy birthday and as soon as we get to the part where you say the person's name all three of us pause and just look nervously at each other for some help. Nope, all three of us forgot her name. Typical drunk blind date blogger style. 

The restaurant ends up kicking you out when they think you've had enough unlimited drunkness by bringing around lemon drop shots as a courtesy "Be gone bitches" type gesture. (See I told you I'll be going back again) I, of course, wasn't ready to end the drunkness so I suggested we go to a bar. All three lovely ladies said yes and that right there is when I knew blogging was the best decision I ever made. Cheers to making new virtual friends that turn into real life friends that all like to cheers to pitchers of Blue Moons with you.

Three: The Syracuse game 
If you watched it or have a bracket or pay attention to the sportsworld at all you will know that Syracuse lost this game. You will also know that I have nothing to say about this other than that I drowned my sorrows away the rest of the night and have zero pictures of it. This is a good thing.

Four: I'm a handyman
Yesterday I finally decided to put together the coffee table that has been sitting in a box in my living room for the past two weeks. I tried to bribe a boy into coming over and putting it together for me but then I realize I had a bottle of wine in the kitchen and thought that it'd be all the help I really needed in life.

I would just like to point out that this was the easiest thing I've ever put together. I would also like to point out that table is from Target and not IKEA. I think that must be the reason why it was so easy. Target wins all day every day. Now I just need to have a boy come over to carry my old coffee table down four flights of stairs and onto the street...

And now I'm off to go play in Central Park with the little man nugget because it's supposed to be pushing 70 today. Whoa nelly, that just might call for this Monday to turn into a Marg Monday. Have a happy day everybody. Be kind to one another.

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