Weekend Update: D.C. Adventures

So obviously I'm a bit behind on my weekend updating. This is nothing new. You can usually guess that if I'm updating my weekend at all then it was a good one. And if it was a good one then you can usually guess that I'll be updating you all about it on Tuesday instead of Monday. This is because my brain just needs a little break after all the fun and beers. Aka my brain needs to veg out on the couch for a solid seven hours watching all the shows I missed slash all the new ones that air on Mondays. Like Alissa said...Monday television is no joke. But anyway, back to the weekend.

I headed down to Virginia with my parents Thursday afternoon to go stay with my cousins just outside of D.C. It is so pretty down there! I can perfectly picture myself setting up shop one day somewhere West of the city once I get sick of NYC. (But will that honestly ever happen?)

Friday morning I woke up and dyed a bunch of Easter eggs with my two little cousins. Let's just say there was a lot of fighting between the siblings over who got to use the wax crayon first. P.S. those wax crayons are shit. This is 2013, let's step our egg dying kits up shall we?

Later on in the afternoon I took the D.C. Metro into the city to go stay with my best friend, Kristen. I honestly still can't get over how easy their metro system is. Five lines that don't even need to be named after a number or letter because there are that few of them. I'm pretty sure you could feed me an entire bottle of vodka and then attach a blindfold to my head and I could still figure that thing out. NYC's subway system? A GPS, a compass, a map, a tour guide (and possibly that bottle of vodka for when you get lost) are needed if it's your first time.

After my quick little trip in, I met up with Kristen and walked around a bit before we headed back into Virginia to go out. Something called Dupont maybe? Okay, I have no idea where we went. But it was fun! Even if I did look like crap. It's those ugly days...I'm telling you. The sun needs to come out for good and sit on my face for quite awhile because this lady needs a little light in her life (and skin tone).

We didn't end up getting home until about 5:00am Friday night/Saturday morning so obviously we ended up sleeping in for quite awhile. But it was Cuse day and that meant napping in ORANGE, obviously.

I knew before heading down there that Syracuse was going to be playing in the Verizon Center again on Saturday if they won on Thursday night and sure enough they DID! Miracle, I tell ya. So I kept telling Kristen that I wanted to go because she legit lives ONE BLOCK AWAY from where the game was going to be played that afternoon. And when will I ever be that close to the arena for an Elite 8 game with my own damn team playing in it? Probably never again.

But I kind of put it out of my mind and said I was just fine heading to the bar to go watch it since tickets were so expensive. Turns out as we were walking to the bar we were actually passing the stadium and all of the creepy scalper guys who kept asking us if we wanted tickets. So finally we all looked at each other and just said "Screw it, let's go!". Sooo we did just that. Bam, tickets and beer in hand!

We got pretty cheap last minute seats so obviously we weren't anywhere near the court but it was still honestly the most fun game I've ever been to. My heart was bursting with happiness cheering for Cuse who played like studs (and screaming at Marquette fans who were acting like d-bags). We obviously also needed to sneak out at half time and go down three dollar margs and beers at the bar across the street because the NCAA decided to drop a big stinky shit on us by banning the sale of any alcohol. How rude. As Stephanie Tanner would put it.

But it was all worth it because my Syracuse Orangemen decided to defeat all odds and go and win the game bringing them to the Final Four. Ahhhhh-mazing! I was beyond happy skipping through the streets. It didn't feel real.

But as soon as we got outside we were greeted with a bunch of secret service and security guards because apparently El Presidente Obama was there the whole time and we had no idea. The dude rides in style let me tell you. The entire street was shut down and blocked off. Thought I might have been taken in just for taking a picture of it.

The happy dance skipping carried on straight to these peach-mint daiquiri celebratory drinks. Cherry and umbrella completely necessary. A heaping plate of pineapple-fried rice also necessary but not pictured.

That night we all ended up passing out on the couch for a quick nap-fest before heading out again to a friends apartment for some games of flip cup and pong. There were quite a few dudes decked out in Georgetown tees so obviously I needed to talk some crap about them going down in the first round of the tournament. Must suck to suck, huh guys?

The next morning I woke up to an Easter basket from Kristen! This is exactly why she's my bestest bud on a rose. I wasn't with my family but I still got to celebrate and get high on sugar. Genius.

After going through our Easter baskets we decided to head out for a cute little Easter brunch together. We had reservations at an actual restaurant called Coco Sala (or something) which is supposed to be a pretty amazing place to eat...until we saw the Prixe Fix brunch menu for $60 EACH. Da fuk? Yeah right you crazies. Don't you realize that hungover Erin eats a couple strawberries or Cheerios for breakfast? I could feed all of Africa for sixty bucks. Hell.

So we boycotted that place and went next door to Le Pain Quotidien. Ask me how to pronounce that and I'll cross my eyes and play dumb. It's adorably cute but absolutely not my style. Everything is organic and farmy and bird-like. Aka, everything I am not. There wasn't even home fries or bacon. Gasp! But I ended up getting a teeny tiny belgian waffle - which I don't even really like because of that whole no bread liking gig I have going on. I devoured the fruit on top and half the waffle and called it quits. Aka I ate about $2.50 worth. I'm not about to do math this early in the morning but I'd assume that's what, like 1/30th of that $60 brunch thing at the other place?

I got on the bus shortly after brunch and sat in a crap ton of traffic. Why I decide to travel on holidays is beyond me. You think I'd learn by now. It ended up taking about two hours longer than it should have and it was misting all sorts of rain on me as soon as we arrived in NYC so I pretty much passed out as soon as I reached a bed.

And after two weeks of being on vacation and away from my little man who was away in Isreal I was so, so happy to be reunited with him yesterday morning. He's just the cutest baby bugger ever. And when he smiles at me like this I remember exactly why I can honestly say "I love my job" and have zero qualms about it. 

P.S. I'm linking up with Helene for Travel Tuesdays because I actually traveled to somewhere other than the local bar for once.

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