Tomorrow Is The Day

Tomorrow afternoon I will be meeting my best friend in blogland,  Whitney the Whitsticle yoga pants head Schwartz
You can imagine my excitement. Too much excitement for words. 
So I will be portraying all of my future emotions through Disney gifs of what our adventures will look like for the next four days. 
It only makes sense.


This is what I will look like while staring at the clock up until the minute she arrives tomorrow.

Then I will do this. I mean obviously.

This is what I will do as soon as I lay eyes on her. 
Hopefully she'll look a tad bit more excited than Lilo 
but since I'm cat fishing her I can't make any promises.

This is what I will say when she sees that I'm catfishing her.

She will try to force Fireball Whiskey down my throat in retaliation. And I will let her. 
And then I will either look like this...

Or I'll pull a Stitch and she will be saying this...just replacing 'caffeine' with 'fireball'.

I'm kidding guys, I'll get my shit together, take the shot like the man that I am and give her no other option than to say this.

And then I will do this for the remainder of the time that she is in my presence.

Until we get to Sunday and then I'll just be like "Nope, not leaving!".

And you don't even want to see a GIF of what I will look like when she actually does have to leave. 
Just picture a Kimmy K ugly cry plus a Veruca Salt sized "I want a golden egg" tantrum 
all wrapped up into one magnificent meltdown and you'll have me. 

But until then...

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