This Is My Final Day of Blogging

APRIL FOOLS! You suckers are stuck with me for quite awhile longer. Muahaha.

That was fun. But waking up this early after being able to snooze until lunchtime every day for the past two weeks isn't so much fun. Which is why I will be skipping out on being a blogger today. Good thing my girl Brittany is here to make up for my lack of skillz and carry on the April Foolery for you all! Make sure you go tell someone you're pregnant or put some Seran wrap over the toilet today or something.

Hey Two Thirds Readers!! I am excited to be guest posting here today (it's my 1st time ever). I'm Brittany and I blog over at Blissfully Britt.

April Fools Day is today (obviously) and it is one of my favorite holidays. I love pranks. At least when I am the one doing them...not so much when others do them to me. I had some fun in the past with harmless pranks but I want to tell you about my all time favorite.

I was in high school at the time perusing the internet to find the absolute perfect prank to play on my mom. It had to be funny but also annoy her a bit. I came across one called cream cheese deodorant. Now from the title you might know what is coming. I bought a package of cream cheese and then when my mom had left the house for a few hours I ran up to her room and I halfway emptied her deodorant container. Then I brought the container down to the kitchen and filled it up with cream cheese. It did take some time to get it to be perfect and look like real deodorant. After that I just put in back in her room and waited.

The next day when she ran down the stairs yelling at me, I knew she had put it on. Success.

Here are few other favorites of mine:
  • Put a ponytail on the water sprayer on her sink. Wait for your victim to get sprayed
  • Put vaseline on all the door handles so people get stuck in the room they were in
  • Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish
Hope you got a good laugh and maybe even a good prank to do this year. Come say Hi to me and let me know what your favorite prank is.