Instagram Update Overload

So you have zero desire to read an actual post today and just want to feast your eyes on some pictures instead? Well look no further my friend because you have come to just the right place. I'm busy putting together my monthly group giveaway (hopefully it'll be here tomorrow so make sure you come back, or ELSE) so I'm going to resort to my cheat post. And by cheat post I mean put together a bunch of Instagrams from the past couple weeks and let them do the talking. Because a picture's worth a thousand eyeballs staring at them.

One // Taking a little stroll through Madison Square park to take a quick snap of the Flatiron building
Two // Spring has spring in Manhattan's flower beds and I don't hate it, only my allergies do
Three // Wine is a necessary tool when putting together furniture, duh
Four // A playdate in the sunshine at Central Park with the little man

One // Taste the rainbow...the healthy way
Two // Target wins at the table decor every single darn time, oh hello birdy
Three // Tequila Tuesday is such a glorious thing, especially when the weather is warm
Four // Going to Yankee games might just top it though

One // Just a large group of bunnies standing in the middle of Manhattan, no big deal
Two // An outfit, real thrilling I know
Three // This is my office, this is the joy of nanny life
Four // One of my more classy dinners as of late. P.S. carrot sticks taste better than baby ones

One // Welcome to the jungle
Two // The prettiest of flowers in a DIY rope wrapped can
Three // There was this one night that I went to a really class bar and drank really classy drinks
Four // These are not those drinks but they tasted just as good

And the best grouping of photos in the history of photo groupings begins now:
One // The shirts I made for me and Whitney's adventures when she came to visit
Two // Drinking some Stellas aka the culprit of peeing seventeen times each that night
Three // Beers in bags while sitting on the floor of Penn Station, classy bitches right here
Four //  Unlimited mimosas aka the beginning of my deathly hangover and the departure day of Whit

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