If My Life Was Perfect

It would look a little something like this...

My closet would give birth to outfits like this:

But it would be totally acceptable to wear this flawless gown daily:

My house would resemble this masterpiece:

The front door would obviously be mint:

All of my food would contain no calories and be cooked by a personal chef in my pretty kitchen:

There would be little tables scattered around decorated like this:

I'd have a rock on my hand that looked a bit like this gem:

And a hunk like this would have given it to me:

Our wedding picture on the mantle? Just like this one:

My body would look like this even after eating anything I wanted:

I would have children that would allow me to dress them up like this:

I would throw the most fabulous dinner parties for all of my friends:

This nugget would be running around the house:

I would sit in a chair like this one daily and relish in how perfect my perfect life is:

And every single day would be #backthatazzupfriday with Whitney.
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