Five Things Friday

So I have a game for you all to come play with me next week! It's going to be a link-up co-hosted with none other than my girlfriend Whitney Yoga Pants aka my Whitsticle. It's going to happen next Thursday aka the day that this little lady and I will be meeting for the first time ever because she's coming to NYC (cue ridiculous excitement here) (but that's for another day). It's going to be called "When I Grow Up" and we're all going to write about slash make lists of things that we want to do/be/see etc. when we grow up. Your brain is fried because it's Friday and you need some examples? Okay. 

1. When I grow up I want to live in a mansion in the Hamptons next to Whitney. 
2. When I grow up I'll be a milf. 
3. When I grow up I will go to Australia and pet a baby Platypus.

You feel me? Great. Get your posts ready, grab the button, and come play with me and Whitney next Thursday. It'll be a grand ol' party so don't miss it! P.S. we're never actually going to grow up...
Two Thirds Hazel

I am insanely in love with thunderstorms. I always have been and always will be. Unless one strikes a lightning bolt at me and then I'll just be real pissed. We had our first storm of the year on Wednesday night and it was a beauty. This is partly because it decided to roll over Manhattan precisely six point seven seconds after I got my tushy inside from my walk across Central Park. And roll is exactly what this gigunda monster of a storm did. Just look at this picture I stole from someone on Instagram.

I am over my Roasted Garlic Triscuits with cream cheese spread on top kick. This is earth shattering news to anyone that's been around these parts for awhile. You see, I go through food addict binges for months and months then one day I'll just wake up and my body will be like BAM you're not obsessed with that anymore, let's move on. And I'm over here like well damn body I just bought a brand new box and now it's going to have to sit there for a year until the next round of crack addict cravings begin.

I do this most often with cereals. I'll eat the same one every single morning for three months straight and then with the drop of a hat I'll just be over it and on to a new one. This is kind of how my life with men works too. That may or may not be a good thing. You can decide that for me.

It is April 12th and I have not had a single sign of allergies in my nostrils. Halle-FLIPPIN-lujah let's all rejoice in song. This is amazing because for the past two spring seasons here in the city I have been nothing short of a walking tissue scratching her eyes, throat, and ear drums out. It's hell. I'm beyond annoying about it because I'm the biggest baby in the world. But they haven't arrived yet and I'm crossing my fingers, toes, and marg straws that they will stay far, far away from me. And I feel like I just might be in the clear since everything has already started blooming and they usually set up shop way before that happens. Pray for me guys. And then see the proof that things actually do bloom in NYC.

And lastly, we have #backthatazzupfriday and, once again, I'm playing this game with Whitney. Are you guys bored of our love affair yet? I hope not, because it ain't stopping anytime soon. Anyway, I've been on a bit of a 90's kick lately (I mean even my fanny pack from '95 came to talk to you guys yesterday) so I'm going to have to back my thing up to this spectacular decade again today.

I feel like I was quite a loner in today's music choice selection but I'm going to throw it out there and see if any of you guys rode this Irish pop band rollercoaster (the name of one of their songs) with me anyway. While everyone was listening to S Club 7 I was boycotting and listening to B*Witched. C'est La Vie was the best song they had on their four year run and I probably played it more times than they ever sang it.

And there you have the most jumbled grouping of five things that you ever did see. I'm off to a weekend filled with absolutely zero plans and for once it feels friggen fabulous. Cheers ladies!

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