Five Reasons Why I'm Boycotting Blogging

1. Whitney left me after the best weekend ever. I probably should write about why it was the best weekend ever but then that wouldn't be considered boycotting, huh? I'm really not sure if I'll ever write about it. Too much happiness to have to relive it all again in post form knowing she won't be back for who knows how long. If you haven't already go read her recap HERE to see what we were up to.

2. I was too hungover to be a human let alone type a blog post yesterday. Apparently unlimited mimosas at brunch, free shots from the host, a trip to another bar for Blue Moon pitchers, shots of Fireball at my apt, and a few more beers after that is recipe for hell the following morning. Don't try it. Your body will hate you. Even after twelve tervis' of water.

3. I don't have Internet at work and typing on the blogger app on an iPhone is about as fun as it is to wake up on a Monday morning.

4. I shattered my iPhone 5 this morning. Which is pretty much worse than stubbing your pinky toe over and over consistently for twenty minutes straight. And typing a blog post on a device that spits chunks of glass out at you is about as fun as it is to wake up on a Monday morning.....hungover.

5. Whitney left.

I'm not exactly sure when Erin McGrumperton Gray will decide to stick some sunshine up her ass so you all can have your happy puppy loving twelve year old princess back...but for now she remains. And for now...I must go put my pouty pants on and head to Apple to try to get a new phone for less money than it would cost to buy a spare liver. Because you all know I probably need a new one of those right about now too. Cheers to you having a better day than me!

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