Finding Your Best Friend in Blogland

 So if you haven't heard by now, I found my soul mate through this lovely little world of blogdom recently. Her name is Whitney and she wears yoga pants to work sometimes. Other times she just wears a hangover. Those days are fun, especially if you follow her on the twatter. Why am I telling you this, you might ask? I mean, you've probably already seen our sappy tweets back and forth to each other by now so why more lovey dovey BS. Well that's because I got to thinking about how our relationship came to be...and how it continues to be...and that led me to today's blogpost topic.

Why finding your best friend in blogland is like finding your husband in online dating:

1) In the very beginning you can't help but feel super stalkerish. You go through all of their "About me" and "Popular" posts looking to get your hands on all the little morsels of their personality to see if you really could be a match made in heaven. Just like you would peruse every single millimeter of someones online dating profile before ever thinking to click the interested or thumbs up or heart or whatever button you push on those things.

2) You occasionally think before you speak. You wonder if what you're about to e-mail that person would be offensive to them or wonder if they have the same sense of humor as you do. What if you think finishing a bottle of wine to your face is absolutely acceptable and your new bff has shaky leg syndrome after just half a glass? Then what? Are you doomed?

3) You have anxiety about asking for their phone number. Should I do it first? Should I let her ask me instead? Is she going to think I'm super creepy if I ask for such personal information? Is it too soon in our relationship to start texting instead of emailing? Gah.

4) You actually are meeting someone online. Duh, bet you could have figured that one out, huh? There will always be that little devil in the back of your mind thinking "What if this bitch is a Catfish?". Duhn duhn duhhh.

5) You question how you were ever not best friends with each other in the first place. You meet someone that you instantly click with and then everything snowballs into some magical being of amazing soul mate type loveliness and you wonder how the heck you ever got along in life without that person from the very beginning.

6) You get nervous about your first date. Is she going to like the real me and not just the online version of me? Should I buy a new outfit for this little shindig? Should I throw back a glass of Riesling beforehand? Don't look like an idiot. Be yourself, but don't be boring. Try not to trip on the sidewalk. Maybe shower. Key word - maybe. P.S. WHITNEY COMES IN TWO WEEKS AND ONE DAY!

7) You ask them how tall they are. This is crucial in the online dating world. Or at least it would be for me. Tall and strong wins the cake date. While this doesn't at all matter in bff blogland it does kind of matter just for your own well-being. What if I have this perfect vision of my best friend being around the same height as me for optimal hand-in-hand skipping down the streets of Manhattan and it turns out she's six foot seven and I can't even reach it? Dilemma.

8) You picture how your life would fit together. Would you make cute babies with your online future husband? Orrr... Would you be able to wake up half-naked hungover to high heaven with a Dino nugget in your bed next to your blogland bestie and have her be completely okay with it? Big life decisions here, kids.

9) I don't have a nine.

10) Or a ten.

But I'm OCD and needed to get to there and I'm hungry so I want to be done writing for the day. Maybe you can finish the last two. Or just let me know that I'm not crazy for contemplating my blogland relationship this deeply. (I really don't contemplate it this deeply but I had nothing else to write about today). See the below convo between me and Whit as proof:

Oh and go stalk her and say hi to her for me if you don't already know her. She's a peach. And it's getting a little ridiculous that I'm half of her pageviews every damn day so help a sister out.

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