You Know You're Not From NYC When...

You consider "Upstate New York" just the Adirondacks instead of everything north of the city.

You stand on the sidewalk to hail a cab instead of in the middle of the street.

You buy I <3 NY shirts by the dozen to bring back for your friends at home.

You faint at just the thought of a cockroach scurrying around your kitchen.

You think the Empire State Building is located on "5th and 34th" instead of "34th and 5th".

You actually watch the tv's while you ride in cabs.

You stop in the middle of the damn sidewalk to take a picture of yet another building.

You don't know that you have to cross some body of water to get from Manhattan to any other borough.

You choose to enter Times Square voluntarily.

You have to check Google maps to remember that it goes Madison, Park, Lex. from west to east.

You call it "Lexington Ave" instead of "Lex".

You take pictures with the painted Statue of Liberty men on the streets...and then pay them.

You care more about the brand of your car than your winter coat.

You actually have a car.

You spend your money on the carriage rides in Central Park instead of the bagged beers.

You give dollar bills to the homeless instead of your doggy bag from dinner.

You think brunch involves a waffle, a piece of toast, and a glass of OJ.

You make a conscious effort to not hit anyone's head with your umbrella while walking down the street.

You think that Donna Karan and DKNY are the same brand.

You think the subway is reserved for poor people.

You have to travel over 100 yards to get to the nearest Starbucks.

You are a generally nice person whether you make it to said Starbucks or not.

You don't have a registered account with

You took offense to any of the above stated reasons in this blog post.

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