Weekend Update

It's Monday but it's not really my Monday because this little lady is on vacation for two whole weeks! Let me just take a minute to wallow in the wonderfulness of it all.


Okay, we're back...with a smoothie in one hand and a peach ring in the other. They balance each other out right? And if you say no then I'll just say "Well it's vacation so back off nutrition Barbie." But let's get to recapping the amazing weekend I just had. I'm going to let pictures do most of the talking because I feel like catching up on Once Upon a Time and Revenge instead of sitting here tapping away at my keyboard. Here we go:

My dear madre arrived Friday evening so I trucked it up to the parking garage to pick her up jamming out and dancing to #backthatazzup on Pandora the entire way there. I must say "Freak A Leak" takes on a whole new meaning while walking through Harlem. It really sets the mood for ya.

We spent the night at the bar chowing down bar food and throwing back beers while watching the Syracuse basketball game.      

There was a point that I yelled at my mom to get her act together and drink her beers faster, turns out she was just drinking two at the same time and I was actually the one that needed to catch up. That's my momma - I learn from the best.

Manhattan decided to turn into a snow globe all day on Saturday so we didn't do much other than walk to get Thai for lunch and nap the day away. But later on we headed to another bar to watch Cuse play again in the championship. I'm pretty sure I was the only 23 year old in Manhattan who wasn't wearing green. But it was obviously necessary to root on my team and save the Irish drinking for the actual holiday.

Syracuse ended up losing horribly so there was no other option for us than to just drink more and that's exactly what we did. I'm not sure how we survived weaving in and out of all the drunk, shamrock-clad idiots but we made it out alive. Almost got in the middle of a meathead trying to fight some bouncers and screaming the 'n' word throughout the streets of the city at them, but hey, we're alive.


The ACTUAL holiday! St. Patrick's day is easily one of my favorite ones. My birthday and the grouping together of Thanksgiving and Christmas usually take the cake but this one wins for best dressing up and partying day.

I (of course) was wearing a bow accompanied by some green suspenders. None of this "find the closest thing in your closet that resembles a shade of green and throw it on" thing for me. Accessories are a must.

Even my beers needed a little accessorizing. I'm here to tell you that if you take the time to decorate your brewskis they will in fact taste better. I'm also here to tell you that this is a complete lie. But you will look a tad bit classier throwing them back.

I headed down to Union Square around 1:00pm to start out the day. There were far fewer people out on Sunday than there were on Saturday and I was a little sad about it until I realized that I could actually get a beer without having to go behind the bar myself. There was a sponsored crawl going on throughout the entire city and all of its neighborhoods.

But we ended up making our own path uptown hitting random bars along the way. It ended up being a really great day and I only had to tell one guy off when he asked to buy my bow off me. Seriously dude? Do I really look like the type of girl who would sell her bows to random strangers?

That would be a no. I hope you all partied your pants off and had yourselves a great weekend as well. Cheers to making this week a great one! P.S. I'm inking up with Sami.

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