Weekend Update

Well this weekend was one for the books drunk tank. One of my besties came to visit and stay with me for our other friend's birthday celebration and let's just say there were many beers to be had. Emphasis on many. Double emphasis on hangover.

Friday consisted of pregaming and bar hopping around the East Village. Which turned into not getting home until five am, which then turned into getting woken up by my roommate who came in yelling at us that it was five of noon aka five of when we were supposed to be at brunch drinking yet again. Great. My head was not pleased. Why? Because this wasn't your average brunch.

See, we do things a little differently here in the greatest city in the world. It's not just an omlette and a mimosa. This brunch was put on by The Yacht Week which is a company that throws week long yacht parties that tour through different countries. I wasn't on a yacht this weekend but I sure was at a party. Waitresses carrying flare sticks, Champagne being poured down people's throats, the loudest house music being spun by the DJ, expensive ass drinks, dancing on tables, drunken idiots asking if I was in High School, and the list goes on.

And all of this mayhem took place before five pm. Which gave us about three hours of rest time before putting our big girl panties aka slinky dresses on to head back downtown for the "real" birthday party. Let's just say I ordered one glass of water and booked it home as quick as I could to order Chinese food and sleep the night away. I may look 21 but I sure can't act like it anymore.

P.S. If you haven't entered my blogiversary giveaway then you probably drank too many beers these past few days too. So get on top of things and get to it. And if you haven't heard the big news yet...my new Twitter handle has been released from Twitter jail so come say hi to me at @twothirdshazel

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