Washington D.C. to Kenya

Since I am currently wandering around Washington D.C. with my best friend you're going to get a new face to stare at today. One that isn't three beers deep mounting random city bicycles and telling people to take pictures of me. You're welcome.

I have Kenya from Life with Giggles over here answering another round of sponsor questions. I really am loving this quick, easy, and painless question and answer sesh. It's like leaving you a little glimpse of someone else's life without trying to shove it down your throat. I could probably say something pretty dirty right about here but I'll leave that up to Kenya to do for me.


If you could only live in one place for the rest of your life where would it be?
It would have to be beachfront where life is as beautiful as the sunset. Minus the whole hurricanes because that will put a damper on things.  And this must include the perfect tan at all times, endless supply of piña coladas and massages on the beach. Just saying. 

What is the most important piece of blog advice you would give?
Just write what you want to. Be truthful to your readers. Don't start thinking that your blog you should look or sound like "so and so". It is your blog and us readers want to hear you speak.  

Sweet or salty?
Are we walking about nuts? Ha! get your mind out of the gutter you dirty dirty people. I am talking about Nuts 4 Nuts, the honey roasted peanuts you get from the cart in the city (NYC). I legit buy 10 bags at once. I then hoard them and no, I do NOT share. They are mine and only mine.  

When your alarm goes off in the morning what is the first thing you do?
Curse the person who created said alarm clock and wish him explosive diarrhea for the rest of their life.   

What would you say is the quirkiest quality about you?
I laugh just like the tickle me Elmo doll.... And once I start laughing, I can't stop.  5 minutes later and I am still cackling. 


Well, well, well.  Nuts and explosive diarrhea. She's a real pistol isn't she?
I never said I had the most lady-like of sponsors but I did say I have the best. And she just proved it.
You can check out more of Miss Kenya over here:
Blog // Twitter // Instagram

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