Two Girls, Ten Questions, Twenty Answers

Today I'm teaming up with Lindsey from Life On Countryside for a little Q&A sesh. We both put in five questions and then each answered all ten. Mine answers are on the top and hers are underneath. Enjoy my little Sweet Tart jelly beans.

1) If you could only live in one place for the rest of your life where would it be?

Me: Only one place forever and ever and ever? I guess I'd have to say New York City. It's forever changing and you will forever have something new to do each and every day. Except for the homeless people. I swear they navigate to the same spots at the same exact time rain or hurricane...they will be there.

Lindsey: Somewhere warm and tropical. Think Hawaii, Bora Bora – sun, beach, waves, sand and swimming suits all day long. If it has to do with cold and snow - count me out.  I am not a fan. The one might ask why in the H E double hockey sticks are you in Minnesota still? I am stuck. I am scared...and I don't wanna leave my mom! 

2) What is the most important piece of blog advice you would give?

Me: Be interesting. Write about things that are interesting. And if you aren't doing anything interesting then write about sitting on the couch watching TV while eating tater tots...but write it in an interesting and intriguing way.

Lindsey: DO YOU!  Be YOU.  =Don’t try to be someone you are not. Everyone is different so you should probably keep it that way on the interwebz too. Though I know we pick up stuff from other blogs (example interwebz – I hear Whitney say that all.the.time. and sorry I’m not sorry. Someone came up with that on here, and we all just cling to it!)

3) Sweet or Salty?

Me: Both. How could I have ever asked this question? Sweet for my peach rings but salty for my chips I mean these two things basically make up the bottom portion of my food pyramid.

Lindsey: Really it depends on my mood! If you put a gun to my head and made me choose – I would pick sweet time and time again. But there is something to be said about Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate ANYTHING.  And Chocolate Covered Tater Chips (sounds gross I know but don’t try them…they equate to crack in my eyes).

4) When your alarm goes off in the morning what is the first thing you do?

Me: Turn it OFF! I think I could count the amount of times that I've snoozed in my entire life on two hands. It is impossible for me to snooze. My brain doesn't know how to do it and will sit there pissed off at me saying "You know I'm not going to let you fall back asleep so just get yo ass up already!"

Lindsey: Hit the snooze. Roll over. Find my sleepy dog, squeeze her tight and fall back asleep. You can bet I hit the snooze button 2 more times after that…and then FINALLY I will get up and rush to get ready for work!

5) What would you say is the quirkiest quality about you?

Me: I don't like bread slash floury, doughy foods. Ie. pastries, donuts, muffins, pitas (sorry Whit), sandwiches, pies, pancakes, tortillas, etc. You all should know this by now but it still remains the weirdest thing about me to most people. That and my pie chart of an eyeball.

Lindsey: am the biggest goofball ever. My mom and I are goofballs when we are together.  We talk in weird voices – I sometimes bring them home with me and talk like that to other people and then I am labeled as cra cra. I love to joke, I love to laugh…I also love to dance super weird – just to make other people feel super weird.  If you feel uncomfortable because of my goofiness – I feel GREAT about it!

6) What in life is beautiful to you?

Me: This is way too open ended of a question for me. Happiness is beautiful to me. So are tacos (hard shell only) and empty wine bottles sitting on my windowsill. Peonies are definitely beautiful but so is the cold side of my pillow in the summer months.

Lindsey: Music.  Simply put.  Man people are good with their words!  It is amazing how listening to ONE song can change your way of thinking – for a little while anyway. 
Nature.  How can you not think Nature is beautiful.  The untouched parts of rainforests, where there are animals just going about their business.  The amazing colors, bright bright colors, gorgeous flowers.
Animals. Not all animals.  Dolphins, Orca Whales, and puppies.  Oh and baby animals anything.  They are more cute than beautiful.  But Dolphins just AMAZE me - did you know that dolphins and humans are the only species that "do it" for pleasure?  YUP!  Maybe that's why I like them so much...yup said it! 

7) What are the three "nevers" in your life?

Me: 1) Never leave the house without mascara on. 2) Never set your iPhone down anywhere near the toilet. 3) Never go to bed on an empty stomach...even if that means eating in bed. It's been done plenty of times.

Lindsey: 1) Never stop loving, no matter how many times you get hurt – it’s a lesson, learn from it.  And KEEP loving. 2) Never trust too much. Of course you want to trust everyone whole heartedly.  But there are some people whether you want to believe it or not that love to pull the wool over peoples eyes. I always have been very trusting. I trust people from the start. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. BUT in the last 3 months I have realized that its OK to not trust everyone 100% from the start. I am not saying to NEVER EVER EVER trust anyone EVER again…but just think about it for awhile. Let it marinate like the chicken in your crockpot. 3) Never say Never – really cliché right?  But really. I always used to say I was never going to do that AGAIN, or I will never to that! Well try it, if it sucks – try it again sometime, your opinion might change. Unless you are talking about sushi. If you don’t like it, you probably never will. No matter how bad you want to be the cool kid and like sushi you NEVER will.  Join my cool kids club – cuz I can’t stand sushi. We can start a movement…together!

8) What is a quote you live by?

Me: "You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling." -Inception and "She flies with her own wings." If I wasn't the most fickle pickle on the planet they'd be tattooed on my body but since I'm pickier than a picket fence they are not.

Lindsey: It’s better to have loved and lost to have never loved at all.  Heartbreaks SUCK.  They suck soooo soooo bad don’t they?  But until you find the ONE, you will deal with them.  And let me tell you….I learned a valuable lesson when my gramps passed away 2 weeks ago. You ready?  

My grandma lost the man of her dreams. Her MAIN squeeze. They were together for 67 years, 3 months shy of 68.  So you heart might hurt after a breakup when you were with someone for 6 months or a year…but that’s NOTHING compared to losing the one you loved after 67 years!

9) Are you dating anyone?

Me: No comment.

Lindsey:  Ugh.  If you read my post here you might have a better idea of this answer, if not at least you will get a good laugh.  The thing is…I was in a 6 month relationship with someone who I really thought was IT for me. We broke up suddenly after NYE (WE as in ME. I dumped him. Don't let him tell you otherwise. I made sure he knew this was my doing too, and told him he better not get it twisted). Since then I have been PRO-KEEP YOUR OTIONS OPEN. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but am trying to reign it in. I jump FAST and fall HARD and then when it doesn't work it hurts really really really bad. So right now it's nothing serious, I am trying not to think too much about it. I am working on just letting things happen.  I know where I would like this to go, but I am trying to just take a back seat and enjoy the ride. Dating is supposed to be fun and not soooo serious. So I am trying something new. Let's see how it goes! Though in all honest I am better in relationships than being single.  Really.

10) Why are things that are hard to open child proof and not EVERYONE proof?!

Me: And there was never a better question in life. I'm such a child that my parents bought me a jar opener for Christmas when I went away to college because I couldn't ever open them without their help.

Lindsey: Who came up with this question anyway?  Oh yea...this girl!  They should really just say EVERYTHING PROOF.  I understand we don’t want children to get into poisoness things, but the adults need to get into them!  Then again – some adults should not be trusted so they should just be PROOF. 

And there you have it. If you got through all that then I sincerely congratulate you. Pat yourself on the back and go grab yourself a beer because you just learned a whole heck of a lot. If you'd like to learn more about Lindsey (or Elle as they call her) you can check her out here!

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