The Cutest Thing You Ever Did See

So remember that one time I blogged about puppysitting a stuffed animal for a week and legit cried when I had to give him back to his momma at the end of it all? Well he's back and better than ever and I'm currently snuggling the smithereens out of him again. He makes my heart whole and so so SO squishy.

I mean come on right? There really aren't any words needed for today when you have this little face staring straight out you. You guys can all thank me for the cuteness later. I prefer full glasses of Riesling as compensation.

Can you just LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE! You guys, I seriously need a damn dog. It's disgusting how much happiness this child brings me. Here's to crying for the second time when he needs to go back to his real life. I won't deny it for a second that I belong at the bottom of the looney bin.

And if your heart hasn't collapsed from the hearts, stars, and rainbows exuding from these pictures already then I have another little man to share with you all who pretty much shares the same name. From one Colby to another Kobe, it's time for you to meet one of my fabulous sponsors' babies. But apparently he wasn't interested in his momma doing it for him so he's here to talk to you all himself.


Hello all. My name is Kobe. My mama's name is Sam & she happens to blog over at The Style House.  She asked me to introduce myself in order to lure you people to her blog entertain you guys.

I was not overjoyed with this idea. It's rough being a dog.

First things first. I understand people language, so comment away. Well, some people talk anyway. I have 'walk', 'run', 'treat', 'eat', 'dinner', 'hungry', 'ball', and 'rope' figured out.

Don't mess with my red ball.

Some of my favorite things ironically are all of the above words, especially 'eat'.

Unfortunately, I just went to the vet & he told my mama that I could stand to lose a few pounds before I get into my middle age years. I'm pushing 4 right now & let's face it, I'm no pup anymore. (Although I can hang with them, don't be confused).

Lookin' slim here.

So now I'm on a reduced calorie diet. I don't get many treats anymore, but I do get carrots. I also use mulch as a filler in my diet. Or socks.  Sometimes I even snag stuff off the kitchen counter...don't tell my mama, though.

I'm also exercising more. I make my mama take me on plenty of walks. I get to visit the other dogs in the neighborhood, swim in the creek & if I'm lucky I can drag home a dead animal part.

My bff Boston.

I don't have many bad days, although it's rough being a dog (I sleep in the garage). Sometimes I get excited & run laps around the yard. Othertimes I'm overjoyed when I find a toilet paper roll in the trash.

I'm not allowed on the couch anymore & think that is complete bullshit. So I shed. WTF.

What else?... hmm.. I LOVE apples.

I would write more, but I have some important things to get back to. You can find more of me on my mama's blog or on her Instagram @samsellslville.

For me, it's nap time.

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