I'm Crushing Hard and I Don't Care Who Knows It

I generally don't really like these types of things. You know, when we all go around and tell everyone who the best bloggers are and why. It's very "I'm the queen of the middle school playground and if you don't agree with my you can't come to my princess themed birthday party". 

But this one's a little different because we're talking about our blog crushes...who we love in this land and why. So I figured this was more of a way to simply dish out some love to a few ladies that I thoroughly enjoy stalking. And let me tell you, I love a ton of bloggers. Like, it's rather disturbing how many of you I wish I could meet in real life and slap a bag of wine with. I could go on for days coming up with new categories to virtually hand out to you all. But in the spirit of time let's stick with 10 11 (see I just can't stop going) different "Best of's".

Best All Around Blogger: 
Erin at Living In Yellow
This isn't just because she's the one hosting this fabulous love fest. I ain't no suck up. It's because I truly believe it. It honestly amazes me that she's come this far in two years. The girl can do it all. She's funny, she does fashion, she does real, she does recipes, she does business, she simply does blogging like a pro.

Pee Your Pants Funny: 
Taylor at The Daily Tay
I know it's her dream to become an actress and be on SNL but I actually believe she could do it. I really can't recall a single post I've ever read of hers where I don't sit here staring at my computer wondering why I can't be as hilarious and witty as Taylor.

My Blog Twin: 
She disappeared on me for a little while but Erin was one of my faves from the very beginning. She's like the big sister version of myself that I never had growing up. Over a year later and I still get excited to see her posts pop up in my feed.

Give Me Your Clothes: 
You know those times where you stand in front of your closet trying to pull random pieces out and shove them together to make a "unique pinterest-inspired layered look" all to throw them back on the floor and be like how do those bitches do it? Yeah well that's Shanna...except she's not a bitch.

The Sweetheart: 
This girl is the epitome of the girl next door that you kind of want to hate for being so pretty and sweet but you just can't seem to do it because she's so pretty and sweet. I love Janna. Need a pick me up in life? Head on over to Janna. She'll be your friend.

The Independent: 
Alissa at Graceless Lady
Oh Alissa, what can we say about Alissa. She'll probably have my neck just for including her in a post like this. She's the girl that beats to her own blogging drum. She stays clear of all the gimmicky blog stuff (and usually makes fun of it in hilarious ways while she's at it) and still has one of the best blogs out there. Girl knows what she's doing.

A Way With Words: 
She's on a bit of a blogging hiatus right now but there's no one else out there in blogland that can write like Shay. The way she puts her thoughts to paper keyboard is seriously one of the most ridiculous things ever. I can't relate to a lot of the things she goes through in life yet she still finds a way to move me and inspire me with every post. She's a good egg that shay.

My Newest Favorite: 
I actually found Whitney on the last one of these "Best Blogger" posts. Everyone kept saying Miss Yoga pants takes the cake and sure enough all of these other bloggers weren't lying. I think I found my new bloggy soulmate. Now I just need to get her back to NYC so we can make bad school night decisions together and not feel an ounce of regret the next morning.

Coolest Mom On The Block Blog:
Jessica at Little Baby Garvin
She was actually the reason I started blogging. Well her amazing weekly pregnancy chalkboard updates on Pinterest were. Ridiculous because I'm obviously not having a kid anytime soon...but she lead me to the life of blogging and I was a crack head refreshing her blog every day to see if there was anything new. Which then led me to create my own so she deserves a heck of a lot of credit.

The Blog Dog: 
Sarah and Floyd at Total Basset Case
There's really nothing that needs to be said about this little duo. Floyd wins all the awards in the world for being the best blog dog. And obviously he's as cool as he is because Sarah is his momma. I like to think of myself as Floyd's greatest cheerleader. Because I'm not creepy or anything.

The Best Blog Duo:
Katie at Keep Calm and Carry On and Steph at Beautiful Mess
I mean these two are just the cutest bloggers turned be eff effs ever. And they're currently about to have a little Texas sized reunion as you read this which makes it even greater. They're proof that amazing things do come out of blogging.

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