Confession: I'm a Puppyholic

First off, I would just like to give yet another shout out to my newest blog favorite, Whitney

I wore yoga pants

Obviously I picked the best girl in blogland to be crushing on (and to have be crushing on me) because girlfriend took home the honor of being my top two referring URLs as well as my top referring site yesterday. Holy balls! This basically means she's whipping up one hell of an awesome bowl of something over there at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work because she has quite the mafia of followers who will direct themselves whichever way she helps direct them. And I am so glad because so many of you darlings came to visit little ol' me yesterday! 

So I'd like to welcome all of you yoga pants lovers and let you know that we will most surely get along because I too wore them to work today. And I do on quite a lot of days. And I also love wine. And also get drunk on school nights. And also put commas in the wrong spots. And also have a Fashion degree that I don't use. And also have cute snuggly puppies to spoil

See that last one right there? That's a lie. I don't have any puppies to spoil (only the one who is really my parents' who lives at home with them) so that means I have to find random ones in random places (like the streets of NYC) and snuggle those. It's kind of creepy but I kind of don't care. And that's usually because I'm a few drinks deep.

For instance in this first can actually see my Bud Light Platinum's. 
Hey, at least I get the classiest of the unclassy beers, right?

This one is my parents' puppy. Her name is Leah which is really supposed to be 'Leia' 
because she's named after the Princess in Star Wars. Good lord my family is SO cool.

Umm, this one is actually puppy sized. Like smaller than a subway rat sized.
How I didn't scream "Look over there!" and make a run for it is still something I question to this day.

Oh you know, just at someones birthday choosing to hang out with the damn dog instead of anyone else. 
I think I chose wisely though, just take a look at that weirdo behind me.

Rubbing bellies at yet another party...this one being at a frat house. 
I know this because I am half naked.

Now I'm not sure why a stranger would actually hand over the reigns to let me walk their dog?
I guess that Target makeup bag (used as a clutch) in my right hand might have let them know I'm safe.

I'm not sure who looks cooler in this one. 
My leather jacket paired with aviators goes quite nicely with a Pit mix.

Halloween circa 2010: rolling around on the floor (again half naked) as a ballerina.
Little pup man does not look too pleased with me.

This was from Cortaca aka a college football game drunk fest. 
The jello shots piled out of the fridge by 8am...hence how adorable I look in this picture.

And let's face it, even if you're a fake stuffed dog from Vicky's 
I will still insist on taking a picture with your pretty little behind. I'm just that normal in life.

So as a public service announcement to all you furmoms out there reading this:
If you ever meet me...hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo dog because I just might steal it!

P.S. Today is the absolute last day to enter my Blogiversary Giveaway.
I will be announcing the winner next Monday so get to entering so that it can maybe be you!
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