I Was A Housewife Last Night

Minus the wife and the house...plus my own self and an apartment. So really not so much of a housewife at all but I did cook and clean so this deserves some sort of gold star. I mean I came home from work and didn't even sit down on the couch. Miracles do happen once in a while kids. If you belieeeeveee. 

I digress...

So I threw a bunch of crap in the crockpot to get my crackpot chicken cooking and then got to business making a quick and abso-freakin-lutely delicious dessert. (Is it bad that I still have to think for a solid two point five seconds if dessert or desert is right?) I'll answer that for you - yes, yes it is. Since I've already given you the recipe for last night's dinner I'll go ahead and give you the one for my dessert. Both are equally crack-like and neither are healthy. But when was the last time you came here to find the epitome of health? Exactly...

So here you are, a great cookie bar type dessert thing that tastes like puppies jumping around in clouds made of hugs and cartwheels. It also requires zero baking in the oven which is usually a sure fine way to entice me into cooking something since using an oven seems to mess everything up for me. 

Grandma's Secret Killer Crunch
Don't ask me why the hell it's called that because I'll just have to direct you to the cupboard that houses the recipes in my parent's house and say "it told me so". So just go with it will ya?

What you'll need:
7 cups of Special K
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of Karo syrup
1.5 cups of peanut butter
6oz of chocolate chips
6oz of butterscotch chips

Pour cereal into a big mixing bowl

Smash the cereal so it gets crunched up
P.S. those extra wine bottles lying around your kitchen make great smashers

It should then look like this
Why you don't just start out with Rice Krispies is beyond me...

Pour sugar into a saucepan

Pour Karo syrup in there too

Bring that ish to a boil

Then add the peanut butter and get to stirring

Once it's all mixed pour it into the crunched up cereal and mix again

Spread that goodness into a large pan
This is where it gets a little sticky (literally) so grab more wine and be patient

Once you have it spread out pour on the chocolate/butterscotch concoction

And spread again until you get this

Then you let it cool/harden and check on it more times than you would your first born child on its first night home until you get inpatient enough to just dive in and eat it. The dessert that is, not your child.

And then you stuff your face. It's as simple and sweet as that. Oh and then you throw some jams on for #backthatazzupfriday and link up with my ladycakes Whitney. I decided to take a trip back to the days of wearing out my Aqua CD from playing it so many times and calling Dr. Jones Dr. Jones wake up now.