Going Against The Grain

I'm not even sure where I want my brain to go with this post. I feel like I'm one of the few people on the entire planet that thinks the way I do about this subject. I'm not sure if it's my realism, my views on religion, or the way I was brought up - but I can honestly say I could probably count on one hand how many people I've ever heard say the same thing that I always say...

Everything DOES NOT happen for a reason.

Yes, you did just read that correctly. And I do disagree with all of you who say "Oh, well everything happens for a reason so it'll all be okay." I mean yeah everything probably will be okay and everything does happen for a reason, but only in the logical sense.

You get fired. ----------> Reason: You weren't too great at your job.
You get into a car accident. ----------> Reason: There was a damn deer in the way.
You get fat. ----------> Reason: You ate too many gummy bears.
You didn't get the apartment you wanted. ----------> Reason: Your credit sucked.
You went to jail. ----------> Reason: You stole the little nugget you were puppysitting.

But that's really as far as it goes with me. I don't see all of these things happening just because they are meant to give us some greater meaning to something else in life. It's perfectly fine to draw positives from negative circumstances but it really grinds my gears when people tell me that there has to be "soooome reason" that this shitty thing happened, "I haven't figured out what it is yet, but there WILL be one." No. Just no. There's not a reason swimming around up there in the clouds waiting to float down and dawn on you one day when you're ready for it.

This all goes along with believing in destiny and fate. You can probably guess by now that I don't believe in it. We choose our own destiny. We define our lives and our paths by the choices we make along the way not by the plans laid out for us by someone else. 

I chose to go to a small college for Fashion that happened to have a program that allowed students to transfer to NYC for their last year. I chose to make moving to NYC a reality in my life. This wasn't some planned out adventure for Dora the Explorer me that I'm just happening to fulfill with each move on the chess board of my life. I don't believe if I screw up here that there will be some invisible plan waiting there for me to fall back on and guide me out of the crap hole. We determine all of that ourselves. We fall in the crap hole by the decisions we make and we climb back out of it from the lessons we learn. Would you wait for Mr. Destiny and Ms. Reason to show up to drag you out of it or would you decide you control the outcome of your life and do it yourself?

I'm not sure if anything I'm saying is making sense and I'm not sure why I even felt the need to write about this today. Maybe it was the frozen sangria I drank earlier this afternoon, which by the way, had no reason for happening other than the fact that I went in for some tator tots and came out with slushy wine goodness instead. Maybe it's the fact that I'm bored on vacation and just yelled at the puppy I'm babysitting for pissing on the carpet, which by the way, happened for no reason other than the fact that his bladder was full and he's a shithead I'm bad and waited too long to take him out.

All I'm really trying to say is this: next time something happens in your life that you have no explanation for, stop and think that maybe it didn't happen for some specific reason set there to make you think your life is panning out the way it's "supposed to be". Maybe it happened just because it simply happened for a logical reason and that's all there is to it. We are not Jim Carrey and we are not on The Truman Show.

Just live your life, ayyyy ayyy ayyy.

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