Give Your Heart A Break

Do you ever have those times in your life where all you really want is for a magical button to show up and just shut your heart off? Not forever - just for a little break - a little breathing room. Yeah well I could use one right about now. 

But we're not going to talk about that today, if ever. Instead I'm going to use my blog as the heart stopping button and bring back some old posts that just make me laugh. Because laughter is always good. No matter what. Some of you who have been with me since the very beginning have probably seen these but we could all use a little refresher on the funnies in life so bare with me. Here we go.

An entirely random collection of hits/misses, successes/failures, cuteness/grossness, etc.

Yes: Hamburger wrapping paper

No: Hamburger sweater

Yes: Sweet pea baby shower cake

No: Sweet PEE tramp stamp

Yes: Homie carrying out a straight hood dog walk

No: Cat lady carrying out a straight crazy dress up session

Yes: Long hair...don't care

No: Long hair...don't know what scissors are

Yes: Funny people who make jokes about sex tapes

No: Stupid people who make sex tapes

Yes: This Mom
No: This sick and twisted soul

Yes: The J.Crew catalog ad of a family portrait in a tree

 No: The Boner family portrait in a tree

Yes: The sweetness of these two

No: The audacity of this chick

Yes: Wine Aerobics

No: Guinea Pig Aerobics?

Yes: Putting your kid in your Christmas card

No: Putting your kid in your Christmas card...with you naked

(And the best for last)
Yes: A butterfly tattoo that's simple and sweet

No: A butterfly tattoo that's sure to cause an eruption...literally

If you just lost your lunch...well then you're welcome.
And thank you for letting my heart take a break today.

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