Five Things About Me

My new girlfriend Whitney tagged me in the "5 Things About Me" game that has been floating around these parts lately. Obviously I had to do it because, well, she's my girlfriend. And obviously it was fun to do because, well, it was about me. I'm tagging MariannaKatie, and Alissa to come play along because I didn't want to be the only one that had to do blog homework this week.

There are many sounds in life that drive me absolutely bonkers. 
Like to the extent that I would rather pull my hair out than continue sitting there in agony listening to them. 
Some of these annoying sounds include but are absolutely not limited to: 
Chewing, coughing, foot tapping, sniffling, pencil clicking, soup slurping, etc. 
If you do any of these over and over again repetitively I'll dropkick you and tell you it's over between us.

I thoroughly enjoy dressing up for Holidays. Scratch that, I absolutely live for it.
Give me a party with a theme and I'm all over it like white on rice.
I mean, I honestly contemplated throwing this red tutu on with a bright pink top 
and making a necklace out of sweethearts to go with it for Valentine's Day. But alas, I refrained.

 I have one sibling and one sibling only. He's a boy.
His name is Lil Broski, aka Christopher, aka drives me bonkers, aka I love him to pieces.
He's 16 months younger than me.
Aka my parents got busy and he was a mistake. I make sure to remind him of this every day.
He also likes to remind me that I'm a bitch every day.

I really deep down inside hate the beach. Even if I say I love it. 
Even if I long for one every winter and hang out on one every year while on a cruise.
It's just all that stickiness and sandiness in all places you don't want stickiness and sandiness.
Give me a bucket of beers by the pool and you'll have me for life.

Sometimes I sit by myself at sports bars and half-ignore everyone I'm with in order to watch the game.
This goes for Yankees, Giants, and Syracuse basketball games.
And if you're that guy who tries to hit on me during this process yet knows nothing about sports...
Watch out because it doesn't end well.

The winner of my blogiversary giveaway is Kelsey from Stories of Kel!
Congratulations little lady, I'll be sending you an email later today.
Woohoo I feel like this thing went on for days and days. 
Note to self: make future giveaways shorter so that I can be less annoying.

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